Tuesday, August 23, 2011

New Chemo regimen.....

Well....Dr. Dy called me Monday morning first thing to tell me he had talked to Dr. Javle at MD Anderson about what to add to my chemo plan since I had the reaction to my Cisplatin (chemo drug).
Starting Wednesday-Aug. 31, I will go for chemo (Gemzar) which I have been getting and is the main drug that fights my type of cancer. This is the best drug of the two I was getting to KEEP getting. I will also get a new pill that I will take 2 X day for 14 days...then not take the pills for a week....then start again and take the pill for two weeks again. I will also go to Effingham starting the 31st for chemo....which will now only take 1 1/2 hours (according to the dr). BUT I will go for two weeks EVERY DAY, then off a week and do it all over again. So...I will take the new chemo pill the exact weeks I get the IV chemo, then I will have a week off of that regimen only to do it all over again a week later. I still take the drug Tarceva every morning (it is to help keep new cancer cells from forming in my body) and I will still take it every day of the month...no skipping a week with that pill.
Side effects of the new chemo drug?  The most common is severe diarhea to the point of being hospitalized due to dehydration. We will be on the lookout for that symptom FOR SURE! My good witted husband says that if it interferes with work, there is a commode in the sr. center I could use as my office chair...put a blanket over my lap....turn the music up loud in the office and clients will never know when I am "doing my business". I know....TMI....but with cancer, you have to have a little sense of humor every now and then.  Another one is hand and foot syndrome where your hands and feet peel and ache so bad you can hardly walk. I already have (today) three fingers with bandages and Aquaphor caked on the fingers due to cracking on the tips (probably from the Tarceva). So....Pat was going to Walmart to see if he could find some spa gloves for me to wear to bed...after I cake the Aquaphor on my hands. Very sexy...I know....but at this point....gloves to bed is the way for me until we see what this new pill is going to do!! This is what a patient that posted on the cholangiocarcenoma website told me to do NOW before I start the drug to have super moisturized hands before I even start the drug.
I pray that my body will acccept this new drug and it will work to shrink my tumor. I pray for everyone fighting cancer to be brave and stay positive. One friend in particular...who is getting radiation and chemo right now...I pray extra for you as I know you are having some difficult days-HUGS your way! I pray for the McDowell family alot right now who are in Texas and trying to get back closer to home (I believe St. Louis) for treatment for Cathy with breast cancer and John who was in a terrible motorcycle accident about a month ago. I pray ALOT also for the Shryocks who were in a terrible motorcycle accident also. Olney has had their share of terrible accidents and cancer diagnosis lately...that's for sure!
Three of my daughters are coming for supper tonight.....Leslie will be missing as she has started back to college at VU. I thank God Pat and I are fixing our own meals and can now feel up to even cooking for our kids every once in awhile. I have the BEST 6 kids (and two son-in-laws) and husband right now. I have an awesome family including my momma, brother and sister in law...plus my two sisters who are ALWAYS there for me. God has blessed me with so many aunts/uncles and close friends that make my journey SO much easier. BUT it would not be possible without HIM so I thank Him FIRST!!
I have had my cancer according to drs for over 4 years but I feel I have been blessed more in the last 6 months than I could have ever imagined. It was all right there in front of me for the asking....I was just too busy (or stupid) to realize He was right there for me. I am amazed daily at how safe I feel with God beside me with the cancer I have. I am not scared....I am not afraid. I will tackle each day with God by my side......
God sent two Angels my way today while at work...they know who they are....thanks for making time for me in your busy office. Thanks for thinking of me today (and alot of other days) I love you both to pieces!!
That's enough for now....

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