Saturday, August 20, 2011

5K walk on Saturday

Well....even though I was still pretty tired from chemo (Wednesday) and have a really bad burning sensation in my belly (this is common due to the chemo drugs), Amy, Samantha, and I was up early to support the MS Movement. We not only walked but jogged some of the 5K!!  Amy and I did the 25 mile bike ride last year so this feels like we "stepped down" in physical exertion but for a drugged up chemo patient and a seven months plus pregnant lady...we didn't do too shabby!! Samantha, of course, did just fine although I think Amy and I are in better shape than her. Amy has had some swelling in her feet so we have slacked on walking but my goal is to get on my bike or walk this week in the mornings if possible.   Just wanted to share my Saturday morning experience with you!!

1 comment:

  1. PAAALEASE! I'm in just fine shape. Watch your mouth on here mama... :) Love You!