Thursday, August 18, 2011

Another Bump in the Road!!

Well, my bloodwork was almost as perfect as it has been for a long time. That extra week off from chemo helped alot but didn't do my tumor any good so hopefully I won't miss anymore treatments. Everything was going good, had Joes for good (From Joe's in Effingham)!!  I decidied to take a small nap and Pat got me a blanket. After a little nap, I woke up and the palms of my hands were itchy....after about 5 minutes of that, they started turning red. I just thought it was from itching them so much and blew it off. Then I started to really feel I flipped the blanket off of me and sat up. Pat asked what was wrong and I said "I dunno"  I thought maybe I just needed to use the restroom so I went a skipping that way and was feeling worse each step I took. As I washed my hands and looked up into the mirror my whole neck was the color of a hot red pepper. I walked out of the rest room and went right back to my room and was having trouble breathing. Pat went to get a nurse and told her I was having an allergic reaction. She stopped in her tracks and two nurses came running into my room. One immediately ran to get Dr. Dy and he was there like Johnny on the Spot. He listened to my lungs and they were tightening up so I was given a breathing treatment to open my lungs back up. They also gave me an injection of steroids, benedryl and something for the pain in my belly. Might have been one more thing but I was just too busy breathing in and out this awful tasting fog. Dr. Dy said my reaction was not too extreme...although bad enough...he was just glad they did not have to intubate me (put a tube down my throat or into my neck~in the front).  They observed me for awhile and then we were on our way home. I received all of the Gemzar which is the best chemo drug to keep on my treatment plan and the one I had a reaction to was the Cisplatin. I will never be able to have that drug family again as your reaction usually gets worse with each time after you get it. I was to get like 610 CC and I got 306 CC before they discontinued it. So I got some of it in me anyway. He says most people have a reaction to a sister drug called oxyplatin rather than the cysplatin but I would have to be difficult!
Dr. Dy will call Dr. Javle at MD Anderson and consult on a different drug to replace the Cysplatin...none of which will work as good as the one I cannot take anymore. I am ready to move on to radioactive seeds implanted in the tumor or proton therapy radiation where a beam is pointed directly on the tumor and causes hardly (if any) damage to the surrounding organs.
I came to work drugged up on my Tarceva, Benedryl, and vitamins/iron pills. I am to watch closely for another allergic reaction...and if it is going to happen, it will happen in the next two days as that is how long it takes the drug to leave my body.
Through the whole experience, I was not once scared. I did exactly as I was instructed by the nurses, and it all just went kind of smoothly...if there is anything smooth about an allergic reaction. I thank God it was not any worse than it was. I pray that God will direct the drs to a better treatment that my body will not reject. I praise God for being there and guiding me through what could have been a very scary ending. God was there....He was watching....oh yes...HE was definately there. Thank You my Amazing God!!


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