Thursday, September 22, 2011

Long Road Ahead

Leslie brought McKenna up to see Mom today. This is their 'lovies' before bed.

Dr. Goswami came in to see Mom this morning before he left for the weekend. I know he came by to reiterate “no filters”, but I think he also comes to say hi and see Mom. Saying we’re ‘huge fans’ doesn’t even come close. At one point, Mom was asking what happens if she gets a clot somewhere, since she’s off the blood-thinners. His response? “There’s nowhere in the book, that you show up. Cases like yours don’t happen often. We just have to think about it and do what makes the most sense.”

He asked Mom what would happen if we go to Houston, and the tumor has shrank to their magic 30% reduction. She told him that they would seriously consider resection (cutting it out), or Mom may try to get on the transplant list in St. Louis. His reply then? “You go to Houston, bring back great news, and when you see me on October 26th, be smiling and hopeful.” Do you see why we’re fans? J

Anyway, Dr. McGregor came in around 1:30 p.m. She sent orders for Mom to get a CT scan of her chest, abdomen, and pelvis to rule out any cancer metastases. If she can rule out that the cancer has spread somewhere else, then she can be certain that the cause of the clot in Mom’s brain was her hyper-coagulable blood.  
The clot volume is about the same as it was on Monday. The fluid-fill pathways in Mom’s brain have opened more, though there is still a lot of fluid and swelling in her brain. She will start physical therapy tomorrow to get moving, and hopefully, decrease the volume of the fluid and clot.

Clinically, Mom looks 100% better. She looks better, feels better, talks better. She’s even remembering much more than yesterday morning. However, as Dr. McGregor pointed out, “the photos show she’s still a pretty sick chick.” McGregor said, Mom’s “clearly far from being out of the woods.”

When Mom asked Dr. McGregor if she had an idea of how long Mom would be in the hospital, McGregor said she wasn’t even thinking about it. She hopes that Mom will be out by the time we are scheduled to go to Houston (October 4-6).
So please, continue to pray. Mom has a long road ahead of her, both in the hospital and out.

Written/Posted by Jenn
P.S. Connie West (who works with Mom) has knitted Mom over 15 hats. She also made McKenna the hat below, which was a HUGE hit with the nursing staff in the SICU.

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