Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Dr. McGregor's News

Dr. McGregor came by the room around 12:40 p.m.

From the MRV last night, both she and the neuro-radiologist agree that Mom probably suffered from a veinous stroke. She will have a CT Scan today with a little contrast to look at the veinous phase more thoroughly. The photos last night show that the swelling in her brain has improved a lot.

Dr. McGregor is "leaning toward not" in terms of the spot being cancerous. Mom's clotting issue is probably the cause of the stroke. The clotting issue is caused by her cancer or genetics. At this point, a stroke is the best news we could hope for. No radiation, no cancer so we will ride it out.  

After the CT Scan, she will be moved out of her room to intermediate care. We have no indication of how long Mom will be here or what will happen tomorrow.

The only changes we've seen so far are that Mom's really dizzy and has little short-term memory. The dizziness will probably subside after a few weeks. When I asked Dr. McGregor about Mom's memory improving, she replied "probably not". Obviously, this is upsetting to Mom, but as Dr. McGregor said, the more she stresses out about it, the longer it will take to potentially get it back.
Mom said "I'll take some memory loss over brain cancer any day".

That is all for today. Spirits are high and Mom's doing really well. God is good.

Continue your prayers, please and thank you :)

Written/Posted by Jennifer

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  1. Keeping up with the prayers on my end. Good thoughts of strength and positive vibes coming your way. Love to all!