Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A Morning Visit

Samantha, Leslie and I left the hotel early to get to the hospital, hoping not to miss Dr. McGregor's morning report. We arrived at the same time as Pat (who stayed with a friend in Springfield last night) to find Mom's SICU on lock-down. A gun-shot wound patient was placed in her Unit last night, and apparently, there is some concern re: gang activity and a second attack. Because of the lock-down, visitors are allowed only to enter SICU every even hour, on the hour.

After some waiting for security, we did make it into Mom's room at 8 a.m. She's pretty dizzy, but feeling well, and in a good mood. Eating an omelet, fruit, and yogurt for breakfast.

Donita Schrey (from Olney and a NP at Prarie Heart) visited mom yesterday and told Dr. Goswami that Mom was here. Dr. Goswami walked up to the SICU while we were waiting to get in. He is Mom's cardiologist from Prairie Heart Institute when she was here in June. It goes without saying, we were all very excited to see him. He had read Mom's chart today and wanted to make sure we didn't let anyone put a filter in her stomach (which was discussed yesterday with the oncologist). He gave us his cell phone number in case we had any questions or problems.

I'm not sure how Mom got so lucky as to be randomly assigned to Dr. Goswami when she came to Springfield in June. Maybe all the cardiologists at Prarie Heart are as great as Dr. Goswami. Either way, we are lucky to have met such a caring, genuine, and professional person. We continue to be impressed.

No real, new information. We are still waiting for Dr. McGregor to come in and discuss the MRV from last night. Hopefully she will have a plan on where we go from here. I will try to post when we know more.

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