Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Still calm...sort of...

Well.....Monday evening was kind of scary as I had the scoots 3 times in 35 minutes, took two Immodiums, and it stopped. Whew!  My belly was all achy the next day and I really thought I'd have the scoots last night. Nope....all was good. I was tired and in bed by 7:30 but I must have needed the sleep as I was off to la-la land in no time. I woke up at 3 to go to the bathroom, then went back to bed. When I awoke at 5:20, I had the most terrible headache ever. I took 1000mg of Ibuprophen and it dulled it but it is still there. Jenn asked if I have been drinking enough water.....I think so..... I am drinking alot of water although the headache is still dull in my head. It hurts to sneeze. If it is not gone by Friday am, I will call the dr.
Thursday is my last day on the chemo pills (I thought it would be Wednesday but I calculated wrong) then I will wait to see if I have any side effects from it. Pat thinks maybe the last bout of scoots was a viral thing that was going around next door at the sr center.
I go to Houston in less than a month and have some anxiety about going this time. Some cholangio patients call it scanxiety. God has always been there beside me even when there were bumps in the no matter what the results, we will tackle it together! Cancer really does suck and I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy.........
I'll post later in the week after going off the chemo pills to update my side effects.....if I even have any....pray for NO side effects please!!

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