Thursday, September 8, 2011

Could be a few more days....

Chemo was short and sweet....labwork looked good. Platelets are up but white count is down but nothing to stop the chemo over. I gained .2 lbs.
Dr. Dy says I will not see the screaming scoots until the week that I am off the chemo pills....that will be Thursday of next week (the 15th). I started using a nasty mouth swish and swallow med for the mouth sore that is starting in the back of my throat (they can travel clear down my esophagus so that is why I swallow it). The pharmacist says customers say it is the miracle potion for mouth sores. He stated it was kind of expensive....I said....well...HOW MUCH?  He stated it was $11. I said Bryson (pharmacists name)...I have Lovenox shots that are $4000, Tarceva pill I take once a day that is $4000, the new chemo pill is $2500 for a two week supply, chemo drugs in Effingham is $5700......and you think $11 is ALOT?  He just laughed at me. I paid $76 yesterday for 4 drugs. If it wasn't for our insurance plans.....I'd just have to not get treatments and probably be close to dead by now.
So......IF I do not get the scoots next week, the dr might consider upping the dosage. He started me on somewhat of a smaller dose due to the Tarceva I take. My Dr at MD Anderson has never had a patient on these three meds at the same time nor has Dr. Dy so they do not know what to expect totally. I am a guinea pig.... sort of.  
It is less than a month that I will travel to Houston and we will see good results of all these drugs being pushed through my system!
Alot of times when I am praying at night...or in the morning, I get so busy praying for everyone else...I forget to ask God to shrink my tumor for me. So I have to pray again and say BTW...if it is in your plan, can you heal my tumor or atleast shrink it....Or even just keep it stable (as it has been since I found out I had cancer). 
Short and sweet....I am doing great and working everyday until I cannot. Sam and I walked this morning.....


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