Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Too early for side effects......

Well....it has been 6 days since I started to chemo pills...so far I have peeling hands in places but nothing major. Wearing gloves and socks to bed  have helped alot! I have had slight nausea but have only taken one nausea pill throughout this week....so I'll take that!  The dreaded screaming scoots should start anytime between the next few days or it could make me wait in anticipation of how bad it will be and not happen for 4-6 weeks....  If you think it seems odd I call it the screaming scoots......you envision going to the restroom up to 40-60 times (worst case scenario) a day and you will understand. IF it is going to happen, I wish it woud just get on with it so I know how to plan my day at work. There is a chance it will NOT happen but boy did the dr mention the scoots over and over. Mouth sores will be another concern he will check for every week. Never had the but I guess they are unpleasant enough that you don't want to eat....never NOT wanted to eat but hope this also stays away from me!!
We had a BIG program at work start last week although it really never got CRAZY until today. Another reason I just wish I would know what to expect as far as side effects....tick tock....it is a waiting game. Anyone who knows me knows I a NOT a patient person in any way shape or form.
I had the most superiffic fabuwonderful weekend with my four girls over Labor Day Weekend. We went to Brown County Indiana and just spent some good quality time together that was LONG overdue. We promised to do it next year only in October when the leaves are changing. We went this year during Labor Day due to Amy's due date being Oct. 8.
So....tomorrow is chemo day again and I am interested to see what the dr says about my labwork....with being on the new pill.....and to see if he has anymore insight to the side effects and when the ticking time bomb is going to go off. Maybe it will be like the Tarceva (which was suppose to cause severe dairhea ) and I never got that!
I thank the good Lord for keeping us safe over the weekend, for keeping my health so good that I was able to enjoy the weekend, and for the beautiful scenery He created in Nashville Indiana. I also thank Him for my daughters that are always there for me at a moments notice! I love you girls to pieces!!
I ask God to guide and direct so many people struggling financially, with family problems, health problems, and everyday life problems.
Hugs & Prayers!

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  1. You should post photos of our trip! I love you, Momma.