Friday, November 18, 2011

Surgery Monday Morning

Mom is in a private room at St. John's. There will be no surgery tomorrow.

You may remember discussion in June of a surgery involving a surgeon from New York and a transfusion team. That surgery will occur Monday morning. Essentially, from what I understand at this point, the surgeon from New York will fly in for the surgery. It involves pumping all of the blood out of Mom's body, filtering it through a machine, and pumping it back into her body. In a typical person with no clots, the procedure takes 30 seconds. For Mom, Dr. Goswami thinks it will take about an hour for Mom. They will access her veins\arteries through her neck or groin. Obviously, it involves some risk, but the good news is that after this surgery, all the clots will (theoretically) be gone.

More testament to Dr. Goswami's awesomeness: Mom was lamenting staying in the hospital to him tonight. Last time, the nurses wouldnt let her walk around. So Dr. Goswami told Mom tonight that if anyone says she cant walk by herself, to call him on his cell phone, and he would call the nurse. Mom also told him that last time she was in the hospital, she and I went down to the coffee shop to get coffee. I had been taking coffee up to her, twice a day, for about 4 days. But the second she stepped into the shop, the barista said "We cant serve coffee to patients." Dr. Goswami's reply? "What do you want? I'm bringing you coffee in the morning."

We will keep you posted as we know more information. Mom's in good spirits, as Dr. Goswami thinks she will likely be home Tuesday with no clots!!!!!!

Please continue your prayers. This may turn out to be the best Thanksgiving yet. :)

Written\Posted by Jenn.

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