Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Chemo days......

Yesterday was chemo day. Labwork was at 10:45 and my appoinment to see the dr was at 11:15. I was finally called at 1 p.m into a patient room. My labwork looks excellent with my platelets climbing from 114,000 last time to like 247,000 yesterday. My white count is good at 7.2......when you see clients daily like we do in our office, it is good to have an "in range" white count. Especially when the two people I work with are sick and had to go to the dr. Not as good of luck getting my IV in yesterday as it took three different spots and two different people to get it into a "good" vein. My mom actually had to leave the room as they just kept "poking" the needle inside my skin.....doesn't bother me for about 30 seconds then I tell them to give it up and go elsewhere.
I was really tired the week I was OFF chemo and couldn't figure out why until I was talking with Dr.Dy and he stated I should be taking the B-6 even when I am off the boosts my energy and I was about out of gas to run on.
SO.....I am taking two every morning and two every night like prescribed so hopefully I will atleast feel like I am running at half a tank even during treatment!!!
Pat has been gone since last Saturday to see Kate in Fredericksburg Virginia. He will be home later today (Wednesday). I am glad he took the trip and got to spend time with her and her fiance Phil.
Christmas is at my house this year with the ever popular prime rib ordered from Hartrich's. If you've never got one from there before....I recommend it. They season it and all you do is stick it in the oven. This will be our third year of having it plus Bret Baker is gifting us with a ham so we are in good shape for a feast this Christmas!!
I cannot thank people for the cards, prayers, and thoughts over the past 9 months of this battle. The drs are so amazed I am still not on any pain meds....I know God has a hand in this because most people at this stage ARE on pain meds. God has amazed me at how calm I feel about even having this cancer. I have always thought I was in control of my, I know God is in control and I am SO thankful for Him. This Christmas Season has just meant more to me but in a different way. With God, everything is possible but without Him, I am nothing. Why did it take cancer for me to figure this out?
I will update next week after chemo and a visit with my favorite dr......the cardiologist-Dr. Goswami. He is the one tracking my blood clotting factor and I see him in Effingham on the 22nd. 
Happy Holidays!!
Hugs and Prayers,

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