Wednesday, December 21, 2011

2nd round of chemotherapy

Yesterday was a fun filled day at the Dr's office and St. Anthony's Hospital. I had a 10:30 appt for blood work before seeing the Dr at 11......I saw the Dr at 12:40.....then chemo was stat after I told him I had an MRI/MRA at 3:15 and 4:00. My blood work is still good. Some numbers were down a bit which is why I have felt tired but the Dr still thinks they are great. After the MRA/MRI, I asked the tech if I could see the calcifications they found the week before on a ct scan. They are so very small she said they are not anything to worry about at this stage. Alot of people get them. I have been getting the light headaches like I had with the cerebral hemorrhage and I was a little concerned for a new bleed. The tech said you cannot even see where the last bleed was.....she had to call and get the last scan showing the bleed to compare. She really wasn't suppose to tell me all of this but the radiologist will call Dr. Houston with the official results.. So....if I am not getting a brain bleed, the only thing I can figure is it is the Xeloda I am on. That is a side effect but it scares me to death because usually a second hemorrhage is more severe and could lead to death or severe  disability.
Last time I had the "brain bleed" I made Pat help me with a shower before I would go to the ER in Olney.......I told him this time to kick my rear to the car if he has shower! I can tell he is watching me with caution for any sign of a bleed by my actions.....just to catch it quick.....he thinks I don't notice....I do!
I go see Dr. Goswami tomorrow in Effingham. Just a checkup and also probably to discuss the Anti XA test that decides how much of a Lovenox shot I give myself morning and night to keep my blood from being too thick OR too thin. IF we would have did this in the beginning, I think we would have saved some hospital stays....he is not a cancer Dr but a cardiologist. So I am not really blaming him only thanking him for thinking we needed to start doing it!
I have sores in my mouth from the Xeloda but I have a swish and swallow mouthwash that tastes terrible and numbs your whole mouth....I am suppose to use it four times a day.....I try but am lucky to get it done 2-3 X day.
I have not wrapped any presents this year.....Samantha took a couple to work to wrap for me.... I have spent less on Christmas this year than EVER before. So....if you didn't get a gift from me, it went to my church as a donation....or to the senior center where I donated some money.
As the Christmas Season is upon us, there are so many things that come to mind to me this year.....but here is a quote I wanted to share.
My soul chooses to glorify the Lord, and my spirit rejoices in God my Savior, for He is always mindful of me and my situation....  The Mighty One has done great things for me....holy in His name. His mercy extends to all those who fear Him, from past generations, to me, and to those to come.
He has performed mighty deeds even for me....He continues to feed my hungry soul with good things. He has helped me, His Servant; He remains merciful to me even as He promised. Therefore today and all through this coming season of holy days, I stand quiet before Him, I STAND STILL; I KNOW THAT HE IS GOD!

I will post after seeing the Dr tomorrow and the official results from the MRI/MRA.
Happy Holidays!

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