Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Coasting along......

The results from the MRI/MRA was no new bleeds.......my visit with Dr. Goswami was great and he is changing my blood check to twice a month instead of weekly. Right now it is staying stable......
I have no chemo this week but I still feel tired and went to bed by 7 last night. The tiredness is just something I have to accept as it is a side effect of alot of the meds I take....not just the chemo drugs. I do not have any standing appointments with Dr. Goswami......I just wait on a phone call if my blood goes whacko on me and I need to change my dosage.

At about 3:30 on Monday, I had a piece of cranberry pie than Jenn had made for Christmas and about 2 hours later I was covered from the waist up with hives/red splotches. Pat got two Benedryl for me and within an hour or so, they were gone. The pie is the only thing out of the ordinary that I can think of that would have caused the reaction.

The highlights since my last post:

1. Christmas Mass at 6 p.m.   Father Jerry's Homily was SO good I had tears in my eyes at the end.
2. Of course, all the good food!!
3. Watching my grandchildren and appreciating each and every minute I got to enjoy them.
4. Enjoying time with friends and family.
5. Not eating ANY hospital food as I was healthy enough to stay out of the hospital!
6. Having four days off in a row!
7. I received WAY too many gifts from family but it would be rude to decline receiving them, right? ;~)
8. I spent the majority of time just sitting upstairs looking outside at the many birds, squirrels, and chipmunks. I never appreciated them until I got the big C diagnosis.

So as this years comes to a close, I thank God for blessing me with my second grandchild, four of the best daughters who are there when I need them-day or night, a husband who is there to help cook, rub lotion where I can't reach, go to the store all the time and for just being a sounding block for me. I thank God for Father Jerry who has been an inspiration to me with his homilies......sometimes I think he is speaking to JUST ME....and I know he really isn't.  I thank God for my mom and sisters who continually check on me or "get me out" to help build my strength. 

No matter what happens in 2012, I know I will still have the support of my friends and family. But most importantly, I will keep the faith. I will keep leaning on, trusting, praying to, asking for strength, building on my faith, and just knowing that God has a plan for me.

God Bless and Happy 2012~

Hugs & Prayers;

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