Friday, January 6, 2012

No rash yet.....

It is Friday and so far so good. It has been about 5 days since I was on the steroid for the rash/allergic reaction. It might take a couple of weeks for the rash to show back up so it is a waiting game. Then, we just have to decide which drug I am allergic to. Dr. Dy is suspicious of the Lovenox (blood thinner) but I am praying he is wrong. We control my blood and how it clots by this drug. It keeps me from getting blood clots AND from the blood getting too thin and getting a brain bleed again.
ALL of my bloodwork was in range except for one test. It has to do with anemia. But my platelets, white count, alkaline phosphatase (SP?), everything was in check. Usually I have 6-8 tests that are high or low. I am getting to the point that I do not like to get my chemo. Not because of the actual chemo or because of slight side effects but because of all the sick coughing, hacking people there ( I am going to buy some masks just to protect myself). PLUS, it is really depressing to see all the people (90% are alot older than me) that are struggling to stay alive. That are being brought to chemo in an ambulance or wheeled in by wheelchair. The ones that are really jaundice....some days it is all I can do to keep from crying for all of them.  Or the realization that someday I could be that person being brought by ambulance.  Until then, I will stay positive (try my hardest) that my mass will not grow as it has not grown in the past ten months. I will have four chemo treatments in on this coming Tuesday. I will only need two more before I make my trip to Houston. We will talk to a radiologist in Texas so I am not sure what Dr. Javle has up his sleeve. My tumor is slowly dying but we need it to skrink (to be removable)so maybe we will do a combo of radiation/ that'll be a fun ride.
I am glad this week is over as it has not been the best week news wise for me. I will pray for God's strength to carry me through the months ahead and hopefully give me lots of patience and understanding to keep my attitude at its best.
Looks like the girls are getting ready to get the Relay for Life team going at full speed. We are making new designed t-shirts and sweatshirts (and boy are they cute this year). Amy will post a sample for ordering in the next week probably. We are doing a western theme this year. We have the same person donating the chicken and noodles again this year which we ran out of last year (I heard they were really good!). We are potentially going to sell raffle tickets for a 4 night/5 day stay at The Fountains Resort in Orlando, Florida just minutes from Walt Disney World (Donated by my brother Larry & his wife, Sheila). Maybe gonna throw in some free tickets to Walt Disney World, too. We have to check and see if we can legally do the raffle without approval/or a license from the city. I was full of blood clots last year (but didn't know why I was blown up like a blowfish) and missed the Relay last year so I am really excited to hopefully be there this year!
God Bless you all. Have a blessed weekend and enjoy this weather!!
Hugs & Prayers!

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