Monday, January 9, 2012

Still stable......

Well....Monday is here and it has been over a week of being back on the chemo drugs and Lovenox shots. No rash as of yet.......
I go back to Effingham tomorrow for chemo....I have been having some double vision that is bothering me (just when reading something on the computer. But when I drive I do not have it)...but haven't called the Dr about it. I will see what the Dr thinks tomorrow. I also woke up with a stuffy nose but nothing terrible. I wouldn't call it a cold yet. Pat and I did get some masks to take to chemo since there are so many coughing hacking people lately.
Friday evening when I got home, Pat and I walked two miles and it felt good to breathe in the fresh air. Then on Saturday, Amy and Samantha (along with Rylan and Chris) took down my X-mas tree. I just held Braeda as much as possible. Then, Amy and I took Braeda on a 1 1/2 mile walk. Braeda was all enclosed in the stroller so she was pretty protected. Sunday, I met my mom, sisters Sarah and Lisa (and her husband Richie) for lunch at The Holiday. Then I went home and collapsed in the chair with the remote where I spent alot of the rest of Sunday. I think between chemo last week, walking 3 1/2 miles in 24 hours, and church/supper Saturday night, lunch on Sunday....pretty much wore me down. Today, I pick up Braeda at 4 and keep her at Amy's house till her or Rylan get home from work. Amy teaches at ERHS but also does the after school program so it is 5:30 before she gets home. Rylan teaches at West Salem and it is usually 5 or so before he gets home. I don't mind the alone time with Braeda :-) . 
Please continue to pray for me. I need  strength from above to keep fighting this fight. I can never have too much faith, so I ask that you pray that I have additional faith and patience, as this disease is slow to get rid of, in my case. At this point, I am stable. That's about all I can say to sum it up.
Have a great week!
Hugs and Prayers!

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