Thursday, January 26, 2012

Planning a trip or two......

First off, I received chemo this week with all my lab numbers looking good and "in range". My blood clotting factor is also good. I am tired today and kind of nauseous but I have pills at home if I need one this evening. I also get chemo next Tuesday then Pat & I will leave for a trip to Costa Rica on Feb.2 (we will spend the night in St. Louis as the plane leaves at like 6 a.m.). we will be gone until Feb 8th and get in late to St. Louis so we will spend the night in St. Louis that night also and come on home the next morning. I have been fighting a cold but I feel it is better and my Dr in Effingham says it is not in my lungs. YEAH!
Then, we will fly to Houston, Texas for my 3 month checkup (PET scan and bloodwork) and to see my cancer doctor (March 13-16). I will also see a radiation oncologist......I guess to talk about radiation options. Dr. Javle said if the tumor had not shrunk in one year, we would try something has died some but that is not the same as shrinking. To be able to ever take it out, it needs to shrink......alot! It has almost been a year and it has went so quickly. We will see what the radiation doctor has to say....then I will go back to Effingham and discuss it with Dr. Dy to see what he thinks. As long as we still have options, I am encouraged. But there might come a day when the dr says.....we can do no more. That is the day I refuse to accept at this point.
I thank God for every day I wake up and I thank Him every night when I go to bed for letting me live another day with my family. Giving thanks every day is something I have learned is very important in life. May you have a super weekend and remember to buy your Relay for Life T shirt from our team.
Hugs & Prayers~

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