Thursday, February 2, 2012

Leaving tomorrow for my trip.....

Pat & I will head to St. Louis after work to spend the night in St. Louis as our plane leave at like 6 am Friday am. We have a lay over in Atlanta for about an hour before a 4 hour flight to Costa Rica. Chemo went good this past Tuesday and all labwork still looks great according to Dr. Dy.
The only plans written in stone once we get to Costa Rica is visiting a coffee plantation and butterfly farm. It is an all day tour that includes lunch and a stop in a village to do some local shopping. Pretty sure I have Pat convinced to do the Zip Line that is 3.5 Kilometers. Weather looks pretty good with highs being around 80 during the day and 60 at night. 20% chance of rain about every day we are there....I think that is pretty normal for the rainforest.
Feeling a little yucky today but I am sure it is just the chemo churning my belly a little. It will pass in the next day or two.
Eucharisto is a latin word that means "to give thanks" that I ran across in a book I  have been reading. When I pray every morning and night and times in between, I give thanks for many things. I have quit asking God for so much and just thank him for what he has given me so far. I still ask that he shrink my tumor or atleast let me live a while longer to enjoy a blond headed Zuber grandbaby (no, there's not one in the oven) and maybe one from Samantha some day.....Leslie is expecting a little boy in four more months....I look forward to all of the celebrations life gives me and God allows to happen by keeping me on the "straight road". I don't like the bumpy curvy never know whats around the corner. You know what bothers me the most, if something happens to me, my children will be parentless. That just makes my heart ache!!  I do have four of the strongest girls around and they are is still the hardest part of this whole journey!
As I look ahead at the trip to Houston next month, I just ask God to keep the peace I feel inside right now (and have felt since this journey began). Its been almost a year since the diagnosis and some CC patients never make it to a year....some are younger than me....alot are older. I thank God every day for letting me stay on this earth to make a difference. I thank God I am healthy enough to go on this trip....and the one to Houston next month. This journey could make a wrong turn at any moment......or would it be such a bad turn if it meant spending eternity in Heaven. It is alot to think about and most people don't think about it until they hear the word CANCER! Seems I'm getting a little deep here so I will move on.
Leslie cut my hair pretty short last night....I like it but Pat does not..... My hair was so dry and brittle probably from the chemo so it needed to be whacked. I just hope it grows or the next time I will have to have it shaved to the scalp.
I had lunch with my mom this week. She looked so pretty in her red shirt. We ate at the sr center. She has lost 20 pounds and is really looking nice. Keep it up, momma!  I would also like to ask for prayers for one of my aunts having surgery this week. Just that she has a speedy recovery. They are very private people so that is all I will say.
A shout out to my sister Lisa who usually takes her lunch to come see me at chemo and spend an hour with me. It makes the time go by alot quicker and since she lives up by Shelbyville, I don't see her as often as when she lived 3 miles away from me. My other sister, Sarah, bought her dog a jacket to wear that has something about beating liver cancer. It has a green ribbon on it and is cute as can be!
We have the raffle tickets made up for the 4 night 5 day stay at The Fountains Resort in Orlando Florida. $10 each and just minutes from Walt Disney World. It is a $1200 value donated by my brother and his wife, Larry & Sheila Stoltz. Just get ahold of one of the girls to buy your raffle tickets!! Come on, it supports the local Walk & Roll in Richland County and the American Cancer Society.
I will log off for now and blog mid week to let you know how the trip is going. God bless you all and keep you!
Hugs & Prayers,

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