Monday, February 13, 2012

The days ahead......

Had the most wonderful trip with about 68 other people in Costa Rica. Food was good....non alcoholic peach smoothies were was wonderful.....50 foot yatch sunset cruise was amazing. The white water rafting was terribly scary.....but they were the nicest people in our group of made the trip EXTRA worthwhile! The night before returning home, Pat was sick with chills and stomach ache. Then about 9pm, I got the gutt ache that almost crippled us both. We did not sleep all night due to the pain. The next day going to the airport was NOT fun. Pat was throwing up and I had the scoots.....about 36 times in 24 hours. We were both worried we were getting dehydrated but if I even sipped on water, it was out the back door in 15 minutes. It is now Monday evening and Pat still gets the gutt ache when he eats much. I am almost all better.  They called it "Montezuma's Revenge".....felt more like a devils pitchfork in my belly!
Today was a holiday for me so I picked up little Braeda at 2 today instead of 4 (I do this every Monday just to have my very own time with her). Amy or Rylan usually show up about 5:30. Tomorrow evening, I will travel to Leslie's house to watch McKenna so Leslie can go to an evening class and I can have some time with JUST McKenna.
We are really doing well at selling our raffle tickets and we really do appreciate all of you who have bought or if you want a raffle ticket (or two), get ahold of me. They are ten dollars and it is for a four night stay at The Fountains Resort in Orlando Florida. It is a $1200 value and the room sleeps up to 6.
We also still have T shirts if anyone is interested. Anyone interested in being on our team, please call us. We will never turn anyone down!
You know, I have a girl that has been on my mind this past week. Her name was Brandy Wills. She was younger than me and had alot smaller children than me and she had lung cancer.  I followed her Caring Bridge even though I did not personally know her. She passed away last week and it really saddens me that this young family has to go through this. I know God is with them right now!
You know.....I had to make my decision (Feb. 2011) as to whether I thought I was going to be able to go on the Costa Rica trip last week. Since Feb. 2011, I have had blood clots & surgery to remove them, a cerebral brain bleed (stroke), and more blood clots that we stopped with blood thinners. But when it came down to it, I was able to go and stayed right up with the crowd. I was exhausted at the end of the day but God blessed me with good health and I thank him for that! Some people thought I shouldn't go...or maybe I should think twice in case my health was not good enough. Guess I showed them!
In just about exactly a month I will make the trip to Houston. After bloodwork and a PET scan, the next day I will see Dr. Javle and an radiation oncologist which I have never spoke to before. Since my tumor hasn't shrunk (NOR GROWN...thank you God!!) in one year, Dr Javle told me a year ago we would give chemo a year to work and if it didn't we would try something else. I still might get chemo but they just might add the radiation.....I will of course keep you posted. Remember, my tumor is slow to grow, slow to shrink.
I called another Dr I have found to be a well known doctor with Cholangiocarcinoma in New York, NY. Jenn has contacted them for me as I really didn't want to go unless they saw my scans, biopsy reports, etc. THEN, if he thinks he can do surgery, I might think about flying out. I have had 3 doctors say no so why would this man say yes? Well....he is known for some of the riskiest surgeries of the stomach/liver. His name is Dr. Kato. It's alot to think about. I am not a gambler.....I cherish every day I get to spend with my family AND I feel pretty good so something inside of me tells me to just be happy with what God has given me so far and be thankful.
Oh, one more thing. Jenn had a GIRLS ONLY brunch Saturday for family and close friends. I had the best time that morning and Jenn made a killer quiche and fruit/yogurt cups. My daughter did not learn how to cook from me! But Jenn, Thanks! Every minute I get to spend with my girls fills my heart up with joy.
Of all the 42 followers on here, I guarantee you that you do not fully appreciate your family until it is your turn to get into the batters box with an illness as rare and serious as mine.
February 29 is Rare Disease Day. Maybe I will call in sick (if it's a work day) and eat LOTS of chocolate and ice feed my cancer....right Jenn!! :-}
God bless you all and keep you.
Hugs & Prayers~

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