Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Still Battling

Since last Tuesday, Mom has been battling a cold. It started out as congestion. By Friday, she was coughing some and went to see Dr. Houston. He gave her antibiotics in case it wasn't a virus and hoped she would improve. By Saturday, Mom had a fever of 101.2 degrees. She continued to feel worse, but was taking Tylenol, the antibiotic, and her other daily medications. She called Dr. Houston again yesterday morning, and he sent her to the hospital for an influenza test (which came back negative). Yesterday evening, a rash began forming on her stomach, on the back of her arm, and on one hand. This morning, it is worse. Dr. Houston has suggested stopping the antibiotic since it is probably a virus, and he doesn't want to worsen the allergic reaction. At this point, Mom will try and 'wait it out'.

As such, I would like to take a moment to remind everyone that Mom's immune system is compromised. Though you cannot always know when you are sick, please take time to wash your hands and cover your mouth when sneezing or coughing. If you think you may be sorta, kinda, a teeny bit sick, have a child, parent, or spouse who is sick, or have a child, parent, or spouse who might be sick, please keep your distance at all costs (okay, I'm being facetious, but, really, PLEASE be diligent). With her body working so hard to fight the cancer, a sniffle for you can turn into a hospital stay for Mom.

As many of you know, today is Mom's 47th birthday. Please continue to keep her in your prayers and send up good thoughts & vibes. As you might imagine, being sick on her birthday is frustrating and discouraging. We are praying that Dr. Houston and Dr. Dy determine what is causing her allergic reactions, and that her cold/sickness is fought off quickly. And, ALWAYS, please pray that her tumor is responding to treatment and continues to be stable (and even shrink!!).

 Pat and Mom: last year on her birthday at a Japanese Steakhouse
Mom: celebrating her 'Japanese Birthday' last year  :)

Written/Posted by Jenn.

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