Friday, March 30, 2012

The evening of my biopsy.

The day started out at 7 with getting into my gown, IV started, BP cuff on, all that good stuff. At exactly 8 am I was getting oxygen stuck under my nose and they were ready to inject meds to "relax" me. This was when I was already in the operating room....I told them I wanted to see the needle they were using, they also showed me the biopsy after it was all over. I was expecting a hunk of my liver when it was very thin little lines that were pinkish red in color (in a glass like thing with water or something to preserve them). I also asked how many times a day they did liver biopsies....they did 5 or 6 yesterday alone. So that made me feel like maybe they did know what they were doing. There were a few times my eyes got as big as a tractor tire due to pain when they had that needle in there digging around but it didn't last long and when I got "that look" I think they made me drift off again. I had alot of bleeding much that they had to change my gown and sheets before taking me back to my cubicle for post-op. About 11, I started to feel the pain (about a 4 out of 10) so I asked for something to ease it. I had just took 650 mg of Tylenol and it helped a little but it did not get it under control. So then they were afraid I was bleeding internally. I guess your liver is like encapsulated and sometimes when there is severe bleeding, the blood can get stuck in between the capsule and the liver. So, they too me back to the OR (Operating room) and performed a CAT scan. It was clear and so they sent me on my way. Pat and I stopped on the way back to the room to eat although I was still feeling some pain, I thought I could hold out for more Tylenol until we got back to the room. Well, by the time we got done eating, I was at about a 7 on the pain level. I think Pat could see it on my face as he ate FAST towards the end. I got to the room, put on my nightgown, and took a 500 MG Tylenol. I crawled into bed and didn't get up til about 3:30. I had a nice nap and didn't even hear Pat check on me twice during that time. It is almost 7 pm and I have only had to take one Tylenol 500 mg around 7. We have ordered a pizza and it should be here soon. We will start home tomorrow morning and plan to drive straight through instead of stopping overnight. I sure love this upgraded room!! I can sleep and Pat can watch tv in the next room. Thanks for all prayers!  I am glad it is over and hopefully they will not want one for another 5 years!!

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  1. You certianly amaze me with your diligent strength and perserverance,you give us all courage and renewed strength to reflect upon our own health and treasure our time that we often take for granted,thanks Patty for being the steadfast leader in all this,you shown strength and stamina that I just stand in awe of all this, may an extra measure of healing hand of God bless you and Pat as well,plus your entire family through all this