Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Livin' It Up in Houston

Mom, Pat, and I left Olney at 6 a.m. this morning bound for St. Louis (okay, I was running late, as usual; we left at 6:20) to catch our 11:00 flight. Had two calm, smooth flights and landed in Houston at 3:30. Our driver, Moh, was waiting with a cute little sign as we approached baggage claim. You know, the guys who stand with signs for 'cool kids'..? That's us now. :)

The remainder of the day has been filled with lab work for Mom, walking through the gardens near The Rotary House (the hotel we stay in), and eating dinner. Mom's feeling sassy, and even asked a 108 year old man to race as he was waiting to get lab work completed. He replied that he couldn't race, but he could try to catch her :) lol.

Mom and I are now preparing to watch last night's episode of The Bachelor (SHH. DO. NOT. TELL. ME. ANYTHING.). Spirits are high, and we are enjoying ourselves. Mom's PET Scan is tomorrow at 9 a.m. She should be finished by noon, then we plan to enjoy some more fabulous Texas weather!

We will post tomorrow evening to update you on the days events. We're thinking of looking for a nude beach :D

Written/Posted by Jenn.

One of many MD Anderson buildings on The University of Texas Medical Center Campus.

Our favorite place in the gardens.

Miscellaneous photos of flowers in the gardens near The Rotary House.

We watched this bird take a bath for a long while. It was quite comical.
 Mimi: do you think this counts as a bird baptism?  :)

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