Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Patient Speaks.......

Well.....I have pondered on what to say after the last results. There is only one thing to say.....let's get a new plan in place and get on with it. I do not go to Houston until the 29th & 30th of March for the biopsy. In the meantime, Dr. Javle is consulting with Dr. Dy to see if he feels equipped in Effingham should I go into anaphylactic shock. With all that said, it is just a waiting game, although I will give it until the first of the week before I call Houston to jump start their engines!!
At first, I was really bummed about the results of the tests from Houston but God is in control and once a new chemo regimen is in place, those lymph nodes and the nodule in my lung will go away. Then we can get the brightness of the tumor down again and maybe start some kind of radiation regimen. They are talking proton therapy radiation but there is also a couple of other types Jenn is investigating.
I am still calm and take each day as it comes. My journey is not ready to come to an end by any means....not for awhile. For goodness sakes, I have flowers to plant, Easter to celebrate, the Easter Bunny for the grandaughters, and vacation in July with all the clan in North Carolina!!
I still pray 5-6 times a day for everyone suffering from something...not just health problems, and I also ask God to walk beside me every step of the way on this journey. I thank God for all my friends and people who have came forward just to be a shoulder for me to lean on. I close, don't feel sorry for me, that gets me nowhere. Pray for me, then pray some more. I feel good...I have no pain for the most part...and I walked two miles yesterday. I'm doing well.....I savor every moment on this green earth and when I wake up each morning, it's just another day I can thank God for letting me be apart of it!
Hugs, Prayers, and Happy Lenten Season,


  1. Patty:

    Thoughts and prayers are with you! Stay strong!