Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Back to Houston.....

Well....Pat and I will driving to Houston this time to enjoy the beautiful weather and just take our time going down to Texas. I am scheduled for a pre-biopsy appointment (which will last about 20 minutes) on Thursday. Then on Friday at 11, they will start prepping me for a large needle biopsy that starts at 12. I have had a small needle biopsy and it was not so fun. SO......this one should be a real dream as they call it THE LARGE NEEDLE BIOPSY. There is something about those words that make me pucker. Got my big girl panties so I am sure I can handle it just fine.
I also asked if we could start for home after the biopsy was over and was told...oh no, we want you to stay at a hotel close by in case there is severe pain, swelling at injection sites, or severe bleeding. So, I had to book an extra night at our hotel. Not a big deal but since we stay at the hotel that is linked to MD Anderson, I would have just been upset if there were no rooms available.
Dr. Javle (from Houston) had talked at lengths with Dr. Dy at Crossroads Cancer Center in Effingham and Dr. Javle is confident Dr. Dy can handle things if I go into anaphylactic shock during a chemo session. They are to call today with my appointment for chemo. They would not say what chemo potion I will be getting.
Back to the biopsy, it will be able to tell us better what chemo to use to fight the cells my tumor are made up of and to also see if there are clinical trials that I might benefit in. It will be atleast 30 days until we get the results of the biopsy.
On another note, did you guys come to the Italian Beef Fundraiser. It was CRAZY as far as the turnout and the amount of money we made!  Thanks to all of you who came and ate or got carry out. Thanks for the people who drove from St. Louis area and from Indy.....I was just amazed at the people. We sold out about 20 minutes before the fundraiser was suppose to end but that was ok. I think The Gypsy did pretty good too on selling the cold beverages. Glad to help my son-in-law out!! ;-)  We also did terrific this past Saturday morning with our 31 Party. Tiffany Grove did an outstanding job of presenting her products and we had a kickin" good party/turnout there also. We are doing good at the Tastefully Simple orders but we are still taking orders for both products so if you think you missed out....you haven't . Just contact Amy at 843-8603 since I will be out of town all weekend.
I wanted to share with my followers that I have had 32,435 "hits"on my blog since I started a little over a year ago. Isn't that just crazy....hard for me to "take that in". Just wanted to share that with you.
I was feeling jiggy Saturday and decided I would have Pat air up my bike tires for a ride on Sunday. I rode 3 1/2 miles south and felt really good. Then I turned around and about died at the wind speed I had to fight all the way back home. Slow but sure, I pedaled my way and made it back to Suntone Road. I will probably not ride for a bit after the biopsy so it has plenty of time to heal. I will update after the biopsy if I am coherent.....I hope they give me lots of drugs so I have NO PAIN for atleast a day or so.
Send lots of prayers my way as I travel to Houston and that the biopsy is just a walk in the park.  And that my husbands driving is at its best ;-)  !!

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