Thursday, March 29, 2012

A pleasant surprise!

We only had about a two hour drive to get to Houston we just parked the car in valet at The Rotary House. We then ate lunch, got my bloodwork taken care of, and met for our pre op visit with a physicians assistant. She goes over the"s and do BP was 117 over 79 and oxygen was 99%. See....I told you I wasn't nervous..... 
I got a call that a cancellation had been made and they had an opening for pre op at 7 and surgery at 8 so I took it. The sooner we get it over with, the quicker I can get back to Olney. The procedure will take about 45 minutes where they will make a small slit (the slit is so small it doesn't even require a stitch.) in my side and go in with a biopsy needle covered with a plastic sheath (in between ribs two and three usually). The plastic sheath will stay in me the whole time during the procedure (so they don't have to keep taking it in and out of the tumor). the only thing coming in and out will be the large needle. They will also move it around with the sheath protecting the needle to different parts of the tumor to get different areas for a better look at the cells it is made up of. Once surgery is done, I will be in post op for about 3-4 hours to watch for excessive pain, bleeding, etc. They don't even send me home with any pain meds......most people can control it with Tylenol but if I need more tomorrow once back to the room, I can call Dr. Javle. An interventional radiologist will do the procedure which means he is a radiologist with special training in biopsies anywhere on the body. I asked to see what special training the person had and how many times he has did this procedure. Made me feel better to know I wasn't the first pin cushion.
When I checked into the room while Pat smoked, it was a suite which runs about $200 compared to a room with two double beds that runs $121 a night. This suite had a full size kitchen, bedroom, family room, small dinette area, bathroom, and a cosmetic area.It even has two flat screen tv's!! Pat booked the room and I have always booked it before so we were a little concerned about the additional charge when we really don't need that big of a room. So, after a trip to Target and Red Lobster, we went back and asked them about it. They upgraded us for free due to my surgery tomorrow........ hmmm......
So, as I sit here in my pj's, I ask for all the prayers and warm thought as I lay in a cold surgery room all morning. There are so so many sick people here....and you can tell it by just looking at them.  I am just as sick ....I just don't feel like it so far. I thank God for that daily and I ask for strength tomorrow. I have no doubt HE will be right beside me. It is the best feeling in the world and what makes me look forward to each day.
I will post tomorrow evening if I am up to it.....I am sure I will. Next week, I start chemo on Wednesday....not sure what the potion is yet but I will be on the lookout for an allergic reaction as soon as they put a needle in me.
God Bless!

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  1. Patty-You have all my prayers!! How can one be so sick and take care of everyone around you! You are such an inspiration! We had a great time at your "party' we felt like family. Lots of prayers for your MD Anderson stay!!!