Monday, April 23, 2012

First day of radiation....

It came....and it went. No big deal. They took a pink colored marker and marked me all up again and said NO Lotion as it just smears the markings they put on me. There were three individuals who were completely attentive to me; making sure I was aligned "just perfect". Then they all left the room, shutting the big iron-like door behind them and went to another room on the other side of the door to see me on a monitor and start the machine as it went from side to side...over my belly....and just making a slight hmmmm noise. I was all done in 20 minutes. The "head lady" states she doesn't think I will have sickness but I am not to eat for three hours before the process.
I also started the Xeloda pills today along with Ativan for any allergic reaction that might happen. It still could happen but we are hoping it will not. I am also taking B12 that Dr. Dy had me on when I was on Xeloda before. I will ask Dr. Javle if it is ok when I see him next week. It helps with skin problems, etc. I started wearing my silicone socks with my feet caked with Aquafore on them last night and white gloves on my hands caked with Aquafore also. It is weird feeling and I can't decide if my white gloves make me look like Mickey Mouse or Micheal Jackson....
Mimi did a kicking good job of walking today inside MD Anderson as there is alot of walking. When we first got there, I had to get bloodwork which was WAY far away from the Radiation area. When we got to the lab at 9, there were appr. 200 people waiting for labs or waiting with someone for labs. They are pretty efficient, and we were done within 20 minutes. Then we had an hour and a half wait before the radiation appointment. So we hit the gift shop and sat to just "watch people" as they were walking in from the street.  All walks of life and all types of ethnic groups were in and out the doors....I like to wonder which one of the "couple" has cancer when they come in. Alot of times you can tell but sometimes you cannot.
We talked Mimi into going to Galveston Beach, and we hit a JC Penneys so she could get her a new bathing suit. Woo Woo!! ;-)  The beach was not the prettiest by far that I have seen but nonetheless, it was a break from the C word and all the hospitals. We arrived back home around 5 p.m. and Samantha is going to eat supper with our friend, Mike Sullivan at his house a few miles away. Mimi and I are staying in and maybe having fruit and yogurt for supper.
So, in closing, I thank the Good Lord for my first day of treatments with no bumps. It has been an enjoyable day. I ask God to be with me and bless me with many more good treatment days and to watch over me as I get all of the radiation and chemo meds. I thank Him for getting us here safely and so far, we haven't even gotten lost thanks to Samantha and the GPS in the car!!  God is Great and He is right here beside me. I was not afraid today and I just felt a calm about me during the treatment.
I will probably post most days as long as I am up to it. If I cannot, one of my daughters might. Thank you all for caring and God Bless~
Hugs & Prayers,

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