Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Day 2 in Houston TX

Second day of radiation went well. Mom drove to the radiation center this morning so she knew the route and did great. After mom's treatment, Mimi took us out to lunch at Olive Garden, and then we came back to the apartment. Mom was a little tired, so she took a nap and is well rested now. I will be flying into St. Louis tonight, and Pat will be flying here on Friday, so Mom and Mimi will be spending a bunch of quality time together. 

While Mom was resting, there was a knock at the door from a UPS man with a package for Mom. The knock woke her up, and she opened her package, which was a huge bouquet of lillies. On the card, it read "For our Steel Magnolia. We Love You Weezer!!!!! Love, Travis, Erin, August, and Gentry Michels". Thanks to the Michels family for brightening moms day as she loves flowers and hates missing hers all starting to bloom at home. Mom made me take a picture of the purple allium outside of the valet parking. Hers was just starting to bloom when she left and I am sure when I get home they will almost be in full bloom. God bless!

Written/posted by Samantha

(Mom's Radiation Team!!  From the left: Travis, Courtney, and Danna)

(Mom with her flowers from the Michels Family)

Mom's favorite flower: allium (this isn't the exact
type that mom has at home, but it's close).

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