Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Hump Day 3 (in Houston, Tx)

Well, so far so good. Mom and I had to get to MD Anderson by ourselves today, and we did just fine. The main building at MD Anderson is about the size of a country block, so when we get into the building, it is still a journey to find out how to get to Elevator G from Elevator A. Then we have to go up a floor to give blood, then back to Elevator G and then to the basement....then find waiting room C (there are waiting rooms that range from A to I). It is just a little mind boggling but we have it down GOOD!

I have been having a twinge of pain or burning like sensation in my liver area so I asked the radiation team about it today (just to make sure my imagination wasn't getting the best of me), and I was told it for sure could be some burning or pain sensation in that area as that is where they are shooting all the x-ray beams. I asked to see the screens that guided them to know exactly where to point this gigantic machine that does a 180 all around my body. It shows my bones, spine, ribs and then they also have the CT with contrast from a few weeks ago. Together, the x-ray machine and the CT let them know EXACTLY where to shoot the beams. I thought I would see my liver tumor but there are no pictures of it. I guess it would be like a pilot flying in the clouds....they use other guided tools to make sure they are going into the right place. Make sense?

I called Joel Olsteen Ministries today to see when he would be at his church (which is non denominational). He will be there not this Sunday but the next. So.....if Mimi is still here, we might just go see him. If Mimi is gone, I am sure we will find a Catholic Church (Pat & I).

The weather is beautiful here and no rain so far. We took it pretty easy today. I took about an hour and a half nap. Mimi is a little honked at me as she fell back asleep this a.m. in the recliner and her mouth was wide open. I took a picture on my phone and sent it to all my family members. Oh boy was she not happy!!  Oh was just too good of a shot! Gotcha Mimi!!!

Samantha went home last night. She had a plane delay for about two hours but she finally got home about 2:30 am. She wasn't real happy with Southwest Airlines! She was a huge help in getting us settled in our cozy apartment and we couldn't have made it down to Texas without her.....or the two tickets she got!!  :-(

I praise God for my mother being in as good a shape as she is to stay with me....and she's a pretty good cook, too! It is amazing to me that there have been so many people here with me on this journey. Right down to our cab driver, Moh, who parked his car at the airport, guided Sam inside, helped print her ticket, and watched her go through security before she turned back to wave at him and he was there to wave back. Who does that on an everyday basis in a big town like Houston, Texas? He doesn't know us that well but he is an angel who we can call for anything.
This battle with cancer might be a battle, but I have no fear that God is not here with me. He is present and beside me to help me feel the calmness that I have inside me. I believe in Angels and I have witnessed several on this journey! God is good to me. He has given me the strength to carry on and fight this cholangiocarcimona with all my might. God has blessed me with a family willing to fight with me and also many, many warriors that are helping and encouraging me to keep fighting the fight. I have no doubt that the people who have reached out to me will be blessed greatly by our Heavenly Father from above!!

Hugs and Prayers,

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