Thursday, April 26, 2012

4 days down.....24 to go!

Well, today mom and I drove to MD Anderson as usual and she sat by Elevator G as I went on to Elevator A, then up one floor to get my bloodwork done. In and problems. Then back to the main floor and to elevator G. I picked up mimi and we took elevator G to the basement and then to our waiting area C. We had a small wait but nothing to complain about. Once I go behind the heavy doors, I am in and out in 20 minutes. I asked about a ground hamburger feeling I felt inside my upper abdomen (about where the liver is) and they said it was totally normal. I believe God is already making my tumor shrink. It is sure aggravating it as it has had some stabbing pains throughout the day. Nothing to whine about, you just are aware of it being there. I finally took some pain meds for it about 8 as I was tired of dealing with it. I also asked the radiation dept. about the nausea as alot of people get it. Now they say it could happen around week 3where as before they said it could happen as early as the second week. I will just pop an anti nausea pill and hope it stops it in its track. I sure like to eat so nausea is something I just don't have time for.
Mom and I ventured to JC Penneys, out to a place called Souper Salad. It was a huge salad bar with 5-6 soups...kinda like a buffet. Then we went to CVS as I have a shoulder bothering me and mom thought a sport cream might help. After getting out of the car, I had a large man approach my car and he asked me to take him across town to get a hose for his car....and he wanted me to pay for it. I told him I didn't know the area and was not comfortable doing mom had already stranded me out there as she went in to shop. I finally got away from the man and as I was chewing mom out for leaving me, she informed me she had been stopped by a lady who needed a ride to The Holiday Inn. My mom said she didn't know where it was and we knew it wasn't on our way home. Then mom scurried into CVS and the lady found someone else to peddle. I don't know if we were just in a bad part of town or what but we will not stop there again unless Pat is with us. Speaking of Pat, he will arrive tomorrow evening as his flight comes in at 6 pm. YEAH!

Tomorrow, I get to see Dr. Kelly who we have became a fan of. He will address any questions I have and any side effects he might be able to help me with. It's a little early for any of that but I am still excited to see him! Dr. Kelly works under Dr. Das who is the radiation oncologist. Dr. Kelly is also a radiation oncologist, he is like a secondary doctor at MD Anderson and Dr. Das is the primary radiation oncologist that planned my radiation treatments and what type of radiation was best for me at this intersectioon on the cancer journey. 4 1/2 weeks to go after tomorrow. Amen!!

I feel pretty good and so far am still functioning with a high degree of normalcy that I have always had. I feel blessed to still be here and have made it past the one year diagnosis. I ask people to pray for this tumor to shrink to the size of a raisinette (I just love chocolate!!). I ask God to grant me this request and let me continue to praise Him and thank Him for his generous hand in my battle. Oh.....I thank God for so many thins, but alot of time it is for my friends and family who stop to see me, make a phone call to me, send a card, prayer groups who pray for me, just all of Gods warriors that have a part in my life. It means so so so much to me and the feeling it gives me is indescribable! So thank God for each and every one of you.

Our apartment is right across the street from Reliant Park and that is where they just picked (tonight) for the NFL draft. Kinda cool it was just across the street in this big dome by us. Houston is SO big but I am already kinda starting to like the place. The lady in the radiation dept asked how I liked Houston earlier this week and I explained I came from a small rural town and Houston was too big and I didn't care for it. She looked up at me and said there is one thing about Houston we should all thank God for....I said, "what's that?" and she said MD ANDERSON! I said AMEN to THAT!!

May God watch over each and every one of you!

Hugs & Prayers to you all!


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