Friday, April 27, 2012

What a Wonderful Day!

  One reason it is wonderful is because I am done with 5 treatments. Woo Hoo!! Not alot of side effects yet. No tiredness, no redness, best of all no nausea or scoots. The only slight thing is the pain every once in a while in the liver area. I thought I would see Dr Kelly today who is kinda like an assistant to Dr Das. NOPE, I got to see the big dog and I have enclosed a snapshot of my good doctor. He stated he was happy with my progress; my kidney function is stable, and platelets are at 139,000. On Monday, my platelets were at 152,000. He believes the drop is due to the chemo pill I take on the five days of radiation, then off of them for two days which should give my body a couple of days to re-coop. If every week goes like this, I will probably wonder if I need MORE radiation but when I asked the nurse today if more was better, she replied there were many studies done for all the organs and I am at the level everyone receives for liver cancer. More does not mean would probably damage other organs, and we don't want that to happen.

Oh the Lord has been good to me today! I spent such a good day with my mom. We ate lunch at The Rotary House (where we usually lodge), I took her to the gift shop so she could buy an MD Anderson T-shirt, and as we were coming into the apartment, we decided to check the mail (one of the highlights of my day) and I had 6....6 cards in the mailbox. I  started jumping up and is like winning the lottery to hear from friends and family back home. Thank you all who have sent a guys get extra HUGS this week from me!!

Pat comes in tonight. He will be here about 7. Mom will probably stay another week and head home. I am still contemplating coming home for Jenn's graduation next weekend....we shall see. I did get it ok'd by the doctors.

Mimi is snoozing in the chair with her mouth open again. Earlier this week, she did that and I sent a picture of it to "selected people" because I knew she would not be happy with me if I sent it to EVERYONE in my phone. I would put it on here today but I am afraid she would serve burnt toast the rest of the week.....I like to eat too much for that to happen!!
I am just on cloud nine today for the first week going so well...thank you, Jesus!! I am on cloud nine for all the cards I received, and for my husband to get in here this evening. Mimi and I have our schedule down pretty good, but Pat mentioned using the shuttle on a daily basis instead of driving. We have valet parking that is free so we might have to draw straws to see who wins this one. Of course, I will have one that is short for

Take care and have a blessed weekend. God is so good to me and I praise and thank him daily for all he does for me and for all you as individuals do for me.

Hugs and Prayers,

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