Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Tuesday in Texas

Even though I feel a little tired today, it has been a good day. We left the apartment to go for radiation at about 11:45 a.m. The radiation lady called me Princess.....now lets get one thing straight....I have been called alot of things but never "Princess". My mom asked me when I came out why she called me that....I hadn't thought too much about it, but she does it quite alot. I am blessed to have a radiation team with great attitudes and the ability to make me feel at ease. It is a little depressing in the waiting room. One couple we have befriended....the husband hasn't ate in like 3 days and they are putting in a feeding tube today as he can't keep anything down. So so sad.

We went to a place called Luby's for lunch. Pretty good place to eat but the desserts were the best! We then headed back to MD Anderson for an appointment with Dr. Javle but we got his Physician Assistant instead. We have met her many,  many times. See the picture below of Jackie and I. She says kidney function levels look great, liver function looks great, bloodwork in general looks great. The Anti XA is at 0.46 and Dr. Gosswami (from Springfield) likes it at 0.50.  So....if it is still 0.46 next week, I will call my favorite doctor in Springfield to see if I need to up my Lovenox shot a little. The lower the number is....the more a clot could happen.

When we got home, I received a second box from 1-800-FLOWERS!! Yeah Rah Siscoom Bah! ;-)
They were from my family in Noblesville, Indiana (Rod, Erin, Chase, and Caden Lydle). Thank you guys so much. They were beautiful and such a wonderful surprise!! (And thank you again to the Michels' family for the flowers last week!) See the pic below of the flowers from the Lydle's. I would definately give a thumbs up if you ever need to order flowers for somewhere far from your home. I decided to check the mail and got seven cards. I tell you God is good all the time. These are the things that lift my spirit on days when my belly has a feeling like someone has raked the inside of my liver (thank goodness it's mostly taken care of by a Tylenol). But the cards make me forget the hurt for a bit.

Tomorrow, I have treatment and then Deb Schonert is picking mom & I up for a late lunch. That will be a nice change of scenery and nice to see a former Olney resident. Thanks Deb for thinking of us and being so kind to take time out of your day!!

Mom and I will be traveling back to Olney on Friday evening. Mom will return home, but I am just at home for the weekend. I fly back EARLY Monday morning with radiation at noon. Jennifer (my oldest daughter) will graduate from EIU on Saturday, and I just kinda want to be there. We waited until the last minute to buy my ticket since we were not sure how I would feel so my ticket was crazy expensive. So....Pat is staying here in Texas to probably catch some beach rays. This will be the only time I come home until treatment is over. I am ready to see my kids and grandbabies!!  Skyping is fun to do with them, but it just isn't the same as a big wet slobbery kiss!!

This evening, I just cannot say thank you enough for the people who have sent cards, prayed for me, and lit candles. I know God hears each and every one of you and it makes me believe that is how I have managed to stay in as good of shape (mentally , physically, and spiritually) that I have so far! I have never felt like I needed to be "picked up" because I have just had that calm feeling since the beginning that HE is right beside me. He has guided me on the right path to the right doctors, and the best support group anyone could ask for. So, each day, I not only thank God for Him, I also thank Him for all of YOU!!

Happy May Day!!

Hugs & Prayers!

Flowers from Rod, Erin, Caden, & Chase Lydle
April showers bring May flowers!!

Dr. Javle's P.A., Jackie, and I: May 1, 2012

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