Friday, May 11, 2012

Radiation Day 15

Almost all the pain I was feeling is gone except when I eat and don't chew VERY well or I swallow two vitamin sized pills at once and they get so far down and it hurts like no other. The doctor ordered a liquid I can take to numb my throat when I eat....if it is anything like the "swish n swallow" I have taken for mouth sores, it also numbs you mouth and makes tasting your food not as enjoyable. I was expecting all to go well at the dr appt. but I got on the scale and lost 5.25 pounds in a week. Second time since getting radiation that I have lost more than 5 pounds. It could be muscle loss as I am not as active....could be I am not getting enough calories/protein in my body to repair the damaged cells...So I will have atleast an extra Boost a day and try to really eat like I mean it. I thought I was doing a good job but evidently not. They set up an appt. yesterday to see a nutritionist and she also showed up today to see if I had lost or gained weight. It is pretty important not to lose weight as it can shift your organs around and it will zap the wrongs things when getting radiation.

Jennifer, Samantha, and Kate (my step daughter) are on their way down to see us for awhile. Samantha has to fly home Tuesday due to work but Kate and Jenn will stay here for a few more days. We will try to do a few things like the Butterfly Museum and maybe Galveston Beach while they are here. I tire pretty easy lately so I am instructed to rest, rest, rest.

Extra Hugs for all the good mothers out there. I especially wish my mom and two daughters who are moms a Very Happy Mother's Day!!  Love you all!!

Hugs and prayers!!

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