Thursday, May 10, 2012

HUMP Day for Radiation

This is treatment 14 today. So.....14 to go. I feel pretty good today......better than I have for awhile so I am hoping my pain is subsiding. I still have to be really careful when I eat as it really hurts when it gets to about my lower esophagus. The docs told us there was a chance for irritation so I am not surprised it happened....just surprised it happened so quickly. I slept on my belly some last night and it didn't hurt....I haven't did that in awhile.
I decided to celebrate this am that the pain is better and I feel 90% good. I had four lil' Pepperidge Farms Chessmen Cookies with my coffee!!  I think the Angels make these in Heaven.....oh they are so good!!
Pat and I are going to find a Walmart today.....I would like to get some paints as I brought my brushes down when I was home last time.

My Anti XA level is low at .39 so I am upping it (per Dr. Goswami's office orders) so it will climb back to around .50.  When it gets low, it poses the risk of blood clots. I just want to get through the radiation without having to halt the plan in place. It seems something always puts a roadblock up but I seem to always go around, jump over, or God moves the road block so I can get back to business! Praise Him!!

People say the last couple of weeks can get pretty tough as the radiation is building up in my system alot. The pain could come back in my belly worse then it was, I could have the nausea and scoots....or I could walk right through it with NO side effects. I ask God every night to take it easy on me and let me get through this with ease.

What happens when this is over? I will go home, then come back in June to see if it has shrunk any. It can keep shrinking for about 6 weeks after treatment is done. When we find that out, I figure I will go back on chemo and hope for more shrinkage OR it stays stable without growth. If it shrinks enough to take out....will they? I am not sure of the answer to this....but I will be sure to ask when we find out how effective the radiation has been.

I believe the doctors are doing their job to help me survive. I pray daily for God's strength to carry me through the next 14 days (and the days thereafter). It is a never ending battle but I will march like a soldier til the end....with God right beside me.

Happy Hump Day to ME!
Hugs & Prayers!

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