Friday, May 18, 2012


Thursday was my worst day yet as far as being sooo tired I could barely get out of bed. I got up to eat breakfast and take meds, went back to bed until about 11 only to shower and get to MD Anderson at 12 for radiation. I went straight back home to eat lunch and go back to bed until about 4.

So, today was my dr. appt. and they weighed me only to tell me that I had lost 2 more pounds. I had ate so much last week I was almost gagging from being SO full. They said they are ok with a 2 pound loss...especially since they know I tried so hard to remain stable. I also talked to the radiation staff and she said each round of radiation is like running a marathon (as far as the nutrients it takes out of you and the cells it kills). So...I am basically running 5 marathons a weeks with a two day break only to start it all over again. I am still really tired today...(not as bad as yesterday) so thank God for weekends to rest up my bones.

I was going to attend Mass Saturday evening but realized the Relay was that evening and they girls want me available to Skype. So...will have to look at Sunday Mass times. I'll get an extra bulletin Fr. Jerry and send it to you. I know you like to see different bulletins from different Catholic Churches.

As my dad used to say....."I am just pooped!"  So I will close for now and ask for prayers of strength to get through the next two weeks. My last day of radiation is May 31. Pat and I will travel part way home that day and then stop for the night. This will put  us home on Saturday, June 1.

Get out to the park tomorrow for The Relay For Life!

Hugs & Prayers!!

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