Monday, May 21, 2012

7 Radiation Treatments Left!

The weekend came and went....I don't think I even left the apartment. I was feeling a little less tired when I got up today (Monday), but by the time I got back from blood work and radiation, I was ready to eat and go to bed at 1:15 p.m.  I slept until 2 and are NOT getting up yet, and I laid my head back down to sleep another hour. My average daily nap is about 2 hours.

I see Dr. Javle tomorrow to probably discuss what to do for the next 6 weeks while waiting to come back for the PET scan to see just how well the IMRT worked. Not sure if I will be doing chemo or not. The IMRT can keep working for up to 6 weeks after completing the 28 sessions.

I told Pat this morning that I feel like I am carrying 500 bricks on my back...I am just THAT tired. It seems to have came on the worst in the past week. If it keeps getting worse, Pat will have to carry me to the car pretty soon. I feel sooo guilty just laying around, sleeping, and watching tv....reading or just looking out the window.  Pat says it is ok and totally normal to be SO tired. I asked my radiation team about it and they said it happens to alot/most people (that it just hits them like a brick...and the older people are, the quicker it happens).

The Suntone Beach Survivors came in second place as far as raising the most money at the Relay For Life. RMH came in first. Someone (I won't repeat this persons name) stated the Cummins team did pretty good for second place since RMH has over 400 employees. True, but all money is money that will hopefully find a cure SOMEDAY. Some people say they do not give to the American Cancer Society. I understand that some money goes for administration but if we don't give money for research, we NEVER find a cure. It is like less than 3% of all funds that go toward research for my type of cancer. So what....saving a life is one step closer to a cure for all cancers. I see it differently. I think you do when you GET cancer. THANK YOU to everyone on our team that showed up to walk, donate food, clean up, anything that made us collect so much money......that includes all the people who bought from us. I believe Amy will post pics in the next few days of the Relay.

My sister, Sarah Teeven, comes in tomorrow evening to stay and help us out until Saturday or Sunday. I am hoping it will make the week go by quicker. Monday is a holiday so no radiation. My last treatment is a week from Thursday.

Faith.....what would I do without it! Keeping the faith is the easiest thing when times are rough. I know He is there beside me.  When I am laying in bed and get all teary eyed because I miss home and everyone that means something to me...or I happen to think about little Braeda's smile or McKenna's chattery body, something inside of me tells me to STOP IT....quit boo hooing as it doesn't help. I tell myself to Keep The Faith and I will be home SOON.

And I will be home SOON.... I am not a quitter, and I Believe!

As Jenn points out sometimes....I am rambling so I will close for now.
Keep The Faith ~~

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