Tuesday, May 22, 2012

2012 ACS Walk & Roll of Richland County

Leslie and McKenna enjoy a walk through the park.
Leslie is about 36 weeks pregnant with Mom's first grandson!

McKenna and Braeda wore matching shirts.
The front says I <heart> JAJA, and you can see the back here :)

My husband, Bartley, supervising.

Samantha and Angie showing their support.

Cousin love.

Mom skyping with Lisa, Sarah, and Lisa.

Aunt Kate and Braeda preparing to decorate our luminaries.

Rylan and Bart facilitating more cousin-love.

A few of the luminaries dedicated to Mom.

McKenna and Braeda next to the luminaries that we decorated for Mom.

We had a very fun day this year, though it was a scorcher. We're all pretty proud of our 2nd place finish in total monies raised. Thank you again to everyone on our team who worked to sell shirts, koozies, and raffle tickets. Thank you to all who attended our Italian Beef Night at The Gypsy and the Walk & Roll on Saturday. We're looking forward to having your continued support when we begin fundraising for next year's Walk & Roll!

As an aside: do not be confused by Mom's and my interchange of 'Walk & Roll' / 'Relay for Life'. They're essentially the same thing; they both raise money for the American Cancer Society.

Photos taken by Amy and posted on her blog.
Photos stolen and commentary provided by Jenn. :)

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