Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The Bell Ringing finally came!!

The last day of radiation came and went....and so did my energy. The first four weeks were a piece of cake as far as energy.....just problems swallowing and pain in my side. But by the weekend of week four, I was feeling the weight dragging me down like nothing I have ever experienced.  I can't explain how bad it was but if someone has had IMRT, they know a little of what I am talking about. I had the highest dosage for my type of cancer, weight, all that good stuff that they take into consideration. By the time I left Houston, I was wiped out.

The dr would not even hear of me going back to work after one week, and was hesitant to let me go back after two weeks. She said to play it by ear and I would know if I was ready. I still sleep anywhere between 2-4 hours a day and am still tired. just takes time.

 So, when I go back in five more weeks to Houston, they will run a PET scan and I will get the results the next day. The IMRT Radiation can do lots of things...or nothing at all. It could shrink it, stop it from growing anymore and give me a break from all treatments until it acts up again, since we are just treating the liver area, it can metastasize to somewhere else in my body. WOW....I pray for stability or shrinkage.

Without my family coming down to stay from my mom, sister Sarah, husband, Samantha, Jennifer and my step-daughter Kate who all helped clean, cook, raise my spirits, and be very quiet when I was resting!! I received 116 cards in 6 weeks, Thanks to all of you who raised my spirits with your cards or included a verse for me to look up in my Bible. I was humbled by everyones generosity!

I will close with a picture I want to "paint inside your head" of my bell ringing day. After getting zapped for the 28th time in 6 weeks, The radiation team below walked out with me and the waiting room was pretty full (probably 8-9 strangers) and they all stood up and I rang the bell, they all clapped along with the radiation team. It brought tears to my eyes. The Md Anderson Radiation team was part of what gave me strength to go back everyday. Having your insides cooked is NOT fun. BUT....I did it....  I really am lucky to not have had worse side effects. God was there....he gave me the team I had, they gave me good medical tips, but I believe I was led to this team as they were top notch. I have faith good things will happen when I go back. I have faith God still has big plans for me here on this earth....I believe without my faith, I would not be here right now!!

God Bless~
                  My eyes are shut but it was good of everyone else so here it is anyway!

                     I wanted to ring it 28 times(for the 28 treatments), but they said 3 times is the limit.

                                                 Just the best bunch of people I can now call friends!


  1. So happy you are finally done, Patty. I read every one of your posts and was worried since you hadn't posted for a while. I wish you the best outcome from the radiation. You are one special lady!!

    Love, -Pam

  2. Patty-LOVE the bell ringing pictures!!! I remember meeting my family at the food court in the Galleria for Christmas shopping a week after radiation was done, I put my head on table and said take me home I was so wiped out! I went home climbed in my recliner and stayed there for weeks... I could not believe how incredibaly tired I was, but it will pass!!! Lots of prayers for GOOD news!