Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Ready to get out of Texas for awhile!

I haven't posted in several days mainly because I just haven't felt up to it. The radiation has definately hit me with major tiredness. I also am having terrible pain when I eat (on the left side this time). I can drink anything without pain but if I eat anything too hard or try and take is a pain like NO OTHER! The last time I had pain in my gutt (when I was home for Jenn's graduation) Dr. Das tried to give me some liquid stuff to numb my throat and intestines before eating. I told them I would just wait it out and it soon (within a few days) went away. Yesterday, I asked Pat to go to the pharmacy at MD Anderson and get the script filled. I  have taken the stuff 2-3 times and it doesn't work worth a darn. I think a shot of tequila might work better!!!!  I feel I cannot be totally occluded or I would be throwing up even water. The dr's said this could happen but man oh man they didn't tell me the pain would be this bad.  I had a Boost this am and right now I am eating some Cheerios. If I chew them to mush, there seems to be very little pain.

I mentioned tiredness. I mean so tired, I get up to get my breakfast down 3 hours prior to radiation, take my shot and chemo pills...then back to bed/couch until 11 when I have to get up for my shower. Then be at radiation at 12. Then we go back home, I try and drink another Boost before laying down for a nap. Yesterday, I slept 3 1/2 hours. For supper, I had 2 Boosts. I can tell I have lost weight this week.

Dr. Javle wants me off for two weeks to rest my body and rebuild cells that have been damaged. Just a couple weeks ago, I told them I thought I could just go right back to work but they told me "not so fast" as I need the time to rest. Now I know they were right.

Tomorrow is my last day of radiation....thank you God!  Although I will miss Danna & Travis and their upbeat personalities, I will not miss their radiation room. I will truly miss these guys as they always lift my spirits when I seem sooo tired or feeling bad.

Pat & I will travel about half way home, then stop for the night. We should be back home with the white squirrels by Friday afternoon/early evening.

What happens next? I will come back in 6 weeks for my PET scan and visit with Dr. Javle. Radiation works for 6 weeks after you stop it so hopefully it will do some good tricks in my belly. I don't feel we have used all the tricks in the bag yet BUT I do believe without God's hand in this world of cancer.....I will not live a long life. I pray daily for a miracle as that is what it will take to beat this monster in my belly. Keeping the Faith is the most important part of this roller coaster journey. Did I mention I HATE roller coasters!!

I will probably not blog until I get home unless I can in the hotel room (and feel up to it). I am tired and it hurts to eat. Other than that, I am good. In time, I will get my strength back and the inflammation in my belly will go away and I can eat a good steak or piece of chicken.

Hugs & God Bless~

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