Saturday, May 26, 2012

3 treatments left.....but a 3 day weekend first!

I will start first of all by Thanking all veterans this weekend!

I will talk about my day yesterday as I met Lucy from the Media Dept at MD Anderson. She has been following my blog for some time and thought I might be a good addition to MD Anderson's Cancerwise website. No matter where you go to the dr, this website is FULL of good info/recipes/stories/I even found a story about a man who shared his experience with cholangiocarcinoma. I will write a story about when I found out I had cancer and kind of an introduction of this cancer that has interrupted my life. I will send it to Lucy and it may well be on it's way to the Cancerwise website. I could tell she was a good journalist as she wanted to pull every morsel of information out of me she could as she was so interested in hearing about it all. Of course, it will hopefully end up helping one person that is coming to MD Anderson for treatment. Lucy also asked for any tips I would have to make MD Anderson better...any complaints (don't worry Dana.....I didn't tell her all the nice names you call me like....princess!!) I can hopefully get my story together over the weekend and send it to her. Lucy was so intensely interested in my story it was neat to see her eyes sparkle to just be able to sit there and hear my story. I believe she was sent to me at "just the right time" as an Angel to maybe even help me face my own feelings when things are up in the air with how well (or maybe not so well) my treatment is working and waiting six weeks after coming home to come back and find out the results.

Then I skipped out on my Dr appt. to go to radiation first. Got that done and got to ride on the VIP elevator. Woo-Hoo. Dana escorted me up the elevator or I probably would have been in big poop trouble!! Oh, I will be so sad when I have to leave my radiation buddies-Dana & Travis. They have been so helpful in asking me what I was doing every weekend, then finding events going on, good eating places, discounts on the Butterfly Museum, and on & on. BUT, it is them, as people, that I will miss. I will probably bawl on Thursday when I ring the bell that my radiation is over because even though I am ready for my own bed and family, they are the closest thing most people have (probably due to seeing them every day-5 days a week) as family. They are true GEMS!

I saw Dr. Das and tried to pin him down on his thoughts of the radiation and IF he thought it did any good. He said we really wouldn't know until the PET scan. IT could stabilize, it could spread to  other places in my body since we are JUST treating part of the liver area, it could spread to other areas of the liver OR it might possibly shrink it. The reason they decided to switch (very quickly) from a new chemo regimen to photon radiation was because the tumor in the liver was starting to totally occlude some of the veins. IF that happens (and probably will at some point) I will have metal stents placed in where the blockages are to open up the veins so I can flow freely again.  I DID gain 3 pounds so that was good. Dr. Das says my blood work is holding up just fine, kidney and liver function tests look great. Anti XA test (blood clotting test) is at .51 which is ON SPOT for my cardiologist.

We got in the pool Friday evening after my nap. Then we ordered pizza (recommended by my radiation buddies) and called it a day at 9.

My sister Sarah flies back home early Sunday morning. She has been a huge help and I will miss her greatly!

I will close for now. No big plans so far....just taking it easy for my bones to rest as much as possible!!

God Bless~

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