Tuesday, June 19, 2012


I was thinking I would be up for going back to work today in my mind....I think I am going towards the wrong way as I am just so tired. My platelets went form 77,000 when I left Houston and are down to 72,000 as of last Tuesday. I will call my dr tomorrow to order another CBC to see my platelets and red blood count which is also running low. I had to call my boss and ask for two more weeks off.....some people say it takes a couple months.....I guess I had NO idea of what it does to your body after you go home but the IMRT keeps working for six weeks so it is still trying to pin you to the ground (or so it feels like it).

We have had some good news in the family as Leslie has a new baby boy. Kinnick Bradley Funk entered the world last Thursday. Now McKenna has a baby brother but so far I don't think she's too awfully impressed. I think he looks like Leslie and Rhett both but he is a pretty baby....just saying. He is jaundice right now so Pat took her to get it checked today as I didn't even get out of my jammies till 4:15 pm.

I pray for strength, good blood results tomorrow, peace for our troops, and thank God for my family for cooking for me. Without God, I am nothing. I thank Him daily for being beside me. Faith......where would we be without it?

Please enjoy the few pics of the new baby!

Leslie, Rhett, and Kinnick

Leslie, Rhett, McKenna, & Kinnick Funk

                                                      Kinnick and his "Ja-Ja"

Kinnick Bradley Funk

Rhett and Kinnick

                                        Aunt Jennifer Cummins~Zuber & Kinnick

Mckenna checking out her new brother with Leslie

                                                                  Grandpa Pat & Kinnick

                                                         Uncle Bart, Aunt Jennifer & Kinnick

                                                       Chris Foust (Samantha's boyfriend) and Kinnick

                                             Rhett, Leslie, and Kinnick homebound from the hospital

Hugs & Prayers,

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