Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Lab results......

Resting, sleeping, reading, eating alot of protein, LOTS of Ensure.......that about sums up the last week besides mass and RMH when Kinnick was born. But I had my CBC checked today and my numbers are UP!!!  My platelets went from 72,000 to 97,000 in a week. Yes, it is still low but headed in the right direction. My white blood count was low at 3.2 and this week it is 4.0. Your white blood count should be atleast 4.80.....maybe next week I will be there!  Last week my hematocrit and hemoglobin were low but this week they are within normal range.  I still feel really tired but I am hoping this week will change alot of that if I stay down and rest.

I have a problem with both shoulders but the right one more so than the left. Radiation has caused the problem more than likely. You have a nerve on each side of your chest that runs up over your shoulder into a brachial bundle of nerves and the nerves that go up and over your shoulders is not liking the radiation. I feel like I have a torn rotator cuff (although I've never had one) so at MD Anderson they said acupuncture can sometimes help it. So....I am on a hunt for an acupuncturist that is in Olney....I don't want to drive 30 miles for one. Since I am on blood thinners....they might not touch me...we shall see. Sleeping on my back all the time is hard to get used to and I wake up alot in the middle of the night in extreme pain because I have somehow got on my side and wake up in excruciating pain. I am not whining by any means....this is just one of the side effects of radiation.

I am SO thankful for good test results, for Leslie having a healthy beautiful baby, I am thankful for the people at RMH who have been so helpful with getting my test results back to me so quickly. I am thankful for Anne who I always like to get registered by as she is such a positive, inspirational person. God has answered alot of prayers for me this week and it only strengthens my faith. He told me he would always be right beside me, and He is!!

Hugs and Prayers!!

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