Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Kinda bummed..........

I went for my weekly CBC and Anti XA test (blood clotting test) and my platelets went down 1,000. They were 97,000 and went to 96,000. I haven't been as good about drinking the Ensure this past week and I have went a couple of days without a nap. I do not know WHY it didn't raise even a little but I am planned to start back to work next week and I am going unless a dr stops me.  I am working in Lawrence County next week so it should be (maybe) a little more quiet since I am just covering an office.

I tried to find info on building platelets.....lots of green veggies...broccoli, spinach, etc. so I guess I will make a trip to the store in the am in "stock up" on all of those. I have been hitting the fresh peaches and watermelon lately. I will start drinking my Ensure....atleast 3 a day...and eat a little better. I really wanted to stop my naps this week since I am getting ready to go back to work but I guess I will put them back on my schedule this week. Yesterday, I did 3 loads of laundry....unpacked my suitcase from Houston (NO....I never did it and then our cat made a house inside the suitcase-everything was covered in light colored hair from our Siamese cat))...so.....I had to re-wash everything. I had to clean up my closet a bit and I hung everything up and tidied up our room.  I painted  some yesterday sitting at the dining room table, I watched McKenna while Leslie had Kinnick's bilirubin checked at RMH, I walked to the mailbox....so I did more yesterday than I have since I have been home from Houston. I didn't take a nap and I just "felt" more energetic. So.....POOP!
I am trying to stay positive, pray even harder for better lab results, thank God for last weeks results, God has talked to me alot this week and when I have had a bad thought, he has corrected me with a good thought....or redirected me. I thank Him for that as I really need to know he is there helping me at this difficult time.

I have talked about pain in my shoulders (kind of like a rotator cuff torn type of pain), and I have gotten ahold of a pain specialist from Vincennes that gives cortisone shots to people in the shoulder for this type of pain which is pretty normal after radiation. I have asked Dr. Houston for a referrel to him. They say it is not so painful when you get the shot but for about 3 days after you get the shot it hurts like "no other". I am a side sleeper and have not been able to do that for MONTHS. If I take a pain pill when I go to bed due to the shoulder hurting so bad, it takes the pain away...then I wake up in severe pain because I have somehow got on my side and the pain meds have worked off and I am hurting badly. So, I turn on my back or move to the couch and try to get back to sleep. Cancer really makes you appreciate the life you had BEFORE cancer and how the small things you had high speed come aparts over...were the small things I don't even sweat over anymore.

God is always good. I have all the FAITH that he has a plan for me. I accept that it might not be a plan here on earth....I will follow his cue or let Him guide me to the best place for me when the time comes. The best thing is knowing He is always right beside me. Without knowing that.....I don't know if I could carry on daily. Next Tuesday I will have good lab results...so if you pray for me, no matter when or where, pray for good results and that I can get to that pain specialist. Looking forward to that long needle ;-[


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  1. I hate to be a told you so, but you really need to REST!!! LOL!! I am so glad about cortisone shot for you, take tylenol before shot and it will make a major difference. I have had several and the one where I took tylenol after was worse than the shoulder pain, you can barely lift arm, when I took tylenol before, major difference!!
    Keep listenning to God and REST, the big picture is so much better then the little picture!!!
    Lots of prayers-Cathy