Thursday, July 5, 2012

It's ok.....a slow climb is better than NO climb.......

Sorry Danette but I still look at my labs very carefully each week. They did go up 1,000 from last week. I pray daily about my labs, scans, everything daily (several times a day actually) but I have to watch my labs for several reasons....I have had a brain bleed...and you're right.... God brought me back from it just fine and dandy and I never worried about it). So I talked to Dr. Dy (my cancer oncologist in Effingham) and he ordered a couple other tests to make sure I wasn't bleeding internally. He hasn't called back so I guess all was fine.
I was suppose to see a Dr. Chartier, a pain specialist from Vincennes on the 10th but MD Anderson says to hold off as it could mess with the sugar areas that show up on the PET scan.  I wasn't really sure about getting it anyway after the message from Terri Volk.....just torn on what to do.
I leave on the 10th for Houston to get a PET scan the next day at 12, then I will get the results the next morning when I meet Dr. Javle. We will fly home at 3 arriving in St. Louis at 5 pm.
I get a little scanxiety the day I get the results but no matter what they are.....we will take one day at a time and let God take charge.
One day at a time is all I can pray for and each new day is a blessing from above.
I ask for EXTRA prayers for Debbie Houston as she is recovering slowly from shingles. Bless her heart....get your shingles shot people!


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