Saturday, October 6, 2012


My hair that is, silly!!   I went this am to get the bangs on my wig trimmed this morning in Vincennes, Indiana and when the lady saw the pathetic comb over of what was left of my hair (I had it covered with a beenie like hat), she said, "oh honey, I think we need to shave your hair off"....with a big swallow, I said "awe, why not"......then she got out the shrub trimmers and started trimming it off. From one ear to the other....I look like Telli Sevalis without the lollipop (for those of you who remember him...."who loves ya baby".   Pretty funny tv show I watched( in high school) BEFORE I got the monster in my belly.
 Oh boy.....the lady does one H of a job of making you feel BALD when she is done.  A very friendly lady and Leslie (my daughter) was going to do it but she went to a pumpkin patch. There will be days I wear the wig, days I go bald, and days I wear a beanie. For Halloween, I will have Jenn paint a pumpkin face on the back of my head.....just so no one tries to stuff a candle down my throat to make my eyes light up   :-)
Chemo is on Monday so we will discuss all new changes with Dr. Dy in Effingham. Dr. Javle suggests pumping a litre of fluid down me (thru an IV) 3 days in a row after chemo so I am not too should help. I have talked to someone that might own a company in Olney and they will come right to my house right after work and do it so I won't miss any work. How accommodating is that!!
That's it....I did it.  Got out my big girl panties and JUST DID IT!! No more hair and it feels sore a little which will pass. But I did it and I am proud to be bald. I had to resuscitate Fluffy.....she was dead on her wig stand but she likes my head.
God is life is good...and I praise Him for being there. I needed that lil' shove to get the scalping and it is now done and over. I thank God for all the good news my dr had for me and the new clinical trial I might join in time after my chemo starts to NOT work but right now it is stabilizing my cancer and I am thankful.
Thanks for all the prayers, cards, thoughts, and hugs!  They all mean the world to me!!


  1. I am so inspired by your positive attitude--love the Charlie Brown pumpkin head idea! ;) Big hugs to you!

  2. Woo-hoo! You did it! I love the pumpkin idea! You can do a turkey, Christmas theme, etc! You'll be one smooth lady! Prayers for your further treatments and good health otherwise.