Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Going naked to work!!

I mean without any hair, you silly people!! I wore my wig but my co workers wanted to see the "bald look". They decided I looked so good I should just forgo my wig for the day. I mustered up the courage and did it.

I received a call from the clinical trial nurse at Barnes Jewish. They are trying to gather my records just to get everything in order. Then they will have me to come for an appointment so I know everything I want or need to know about the trial. I DO know there is a waiting list so they want me to get on the list as soon as I am processed. The chemo I am on is working well so they have no plans to take me off of it right now.

Dr. Javle from MD Anderson also wanted to start me on IV fluids on the Wednesday, Thursday,& Friday after chemo on Monday as I was so tired on about Thursday to Saturday. I have talked them into letting me try to drink 80 oz. in fluids and maybe that will help with the fatigue.

Jenn is in the process of taking the first 15 Christmas cards to the printer to get them ready....I still have about 4 more to print this week and then we will whittle it down to the ones we like the best. Keep you posted on when they are ready!!

God has been with me and I just feel His presence more than ever. He is definitely guiding me on this journey and I am so thankful I have Him in my life!! As always, I thank you for ALL the prayers and cards I receive.

I will of course keep you updated on my clinical trial status but I am not looking for anything to happen anytime soon.

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  1. W like you naked or otherwise! You could go naked
    every day!