Thursday, October 25, 2012

It's been awhile......

It seems forever since I have posted and I apologize. Between painting and playing with grandkids....I have 17 cards printed from the printer and are waiting on two more....then a few of us will pick the magic 15. I have had lots of people volunteer to help sell, help put them out at the banks they work our goal is to sell 150 sets. Thanks to ALL who buy, sell, or just help get the word out!! ALL proceeds to to our local Walk & Roll of Richland County.
Chemo is going pretty good and as long as I drink lots of water, I am not as tired at work. As long as I give myself the 3 Neupogen shots, my white count stays at a nice range. I am just at the 75% strength on my chemo and the dr is happy with it there. It is pretty mean stuff and he doesn't want me laid up after getting chemo for two weeks straight! I am still waiting on Barnes Jewish to get all my medical info together to get my name on the clinical trial list. We will not start the clinical trial until the dr's think it is time.... as long as my chemo is working...we will keep pushing it through my veins.
My dr did call Barnes to get onto them for not contacting me yet. He doesn't want them running out of the drug before I get a chance at it working on my cancer.
Things are pretty quiet at our house.....kinda scary.  Even though my energy level is better from  drinking so much water, I still go to sleep at 7 alot of nights and don't get up until 5-6 most mornings. I figure my body needs as much rest as it lets me sleep so I will let it be the cue to when my body needs some zzzzzzzzzz.
I started my Christmas shopping this week.....I am going to have to put some gasoline in my tank before I shop too much!!
As I close today, I truly am amazed at the picture God has painted outside with the foliage. Pat and I took a drive up by Palestine, Hutsonville,and Robinson last pretty out. I thank God for letting me remain on this earth to enjoy such wonders. I will keep pushing forward until God says the push is over. I always taught my girls to NEVER give why would I? God Bless you all this fall!!



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