Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Some updates.....

Our Christmas/Winter notecards will be ready Friday at Printforce so we will work frantically over the weekend to fill the bags and have them ready to take to all of the local banks, Town & Country Beauty Salon, or e~mail me at Local people know my number and our landline number is in the phone book. We will ship for a nominal fee (whatever it costs us). We will also be at The Holiday in Olney to sell them at their craft show on November 10th & 11th. We will also try to hit the Red Hill Craft Show with a booth....depending on booth price. ALL funds go to the local Walk & Roll of Richland County (American Cancer Society) and The Cholangiocarcinoma Foundation.

I have painted each and every card, and I hope people support our Relay for Life team. We have an Italian Beef Night (not sure of the date) but I will have large pictures of the "most sought after" You Are My Sunshine picture plus more to sell for a little more but I believe in keeping prices reasonable to sell more. IF someone wants a large print BEFORE Christmas (as a gift or something), get ahold of me and we will get it printed for you!!

I have my date to go to St.Louis to The Siteman Center to meet with Dr. Lockhart on November 12th. It is just to meet him, have a consultation, he will answer all our questions and see if I am even eligible. Lots of IFS and we will see. Keep you always!! They said the appointment will take about an hour.

What a mess the east coast has been left with. I pray that mostly they are safe as ANYTHING can be replaced....except a life! 

I had a bug all weekend and boy did I feel bad. I am on the upswing now but I get chemo again Monday so here we go again!! I think the more poison they put into me, the more tired I get.
If it were not for God, I'd have lost my Faith a long time ago!! Without my family.... I would starve. Secondly, they just come by to keep me company.

Braeda won 2nd place in the Trustbank Halloween Parade, and I walked in it with Amy. She was such a good scarecrow and didn't even fuss in the long walk to and from the parade.

Braeda the Scarecrow

How about that upcoming election....won't even go there as people who know me know I am a die hard_______ fan. Not even going to tell you!!  ;-)   I DO know I might have to move out of my house until my husband settles down a bit if the wrong party wins....oh really could get bad at our house.

Happy November to ALL of you. The month to give Thanks......have FAITH that all will be OK no matter what comes your way. God has a plan and we just gotta let Him take the wheel!!


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  1. Prayers on you visit to St. Louis.
    Braeda was a cute little scarecrow! I'm glad you're feeling like doing things with her. She'll have lots of great memories when she's grown.
    I know I'll be sick to my stomach if my guy doesn't win the election - will be praying hard. Hope we're on the same side!
    Have successful, safe trip.
    I hope to get some of your cards.
    Take care.
    God Bless - even the ones that don't vote the "right" way!