Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A Little Disappointed

Well, Pat and I made the trip to St. Louis and I guess I thought they were going to offer a magic drug or something. My hopes were way too high. Yes, there are clinical trials for BOTH of my mutations and when we get down to fewer options, we will consider them if I am still healthy enough AND they still want me. They consider me a good choice of human rats (they didn't actually call me a human rat but you are basically one) as most are not as healthy as me with intra hepatic cholangiocarcinoma. I am joining the gym with a couple of my girls as I just don't think I should breathe this cold air.
As my daughter Amy stated to me with tears rolling down my face.....there is only ONE Great Physician and he will guide me to where I need to be on this Journey. I haven't lost faith... God is with me....I just can't hardly stomach the idea of leaving my family.

We did really good selling our winter/Christmas cards and we are going to have to go get them from the banks to sell the rest of them....I just don't want to order anymore. We started with 200 sets. Thanks to all who supported the cause and an EXTRA thanks to Debbie Weiler for sitting out there for two days with me. I even had a special visitor show up (Donita Schrey) who has been there through it all when I have been in Springfield.

I mostly feel ok.....I am in bed a little earlier than usual but I just figure my body needs the rest. This chemo by far is the hardest on my body....but my kidneys and liver are still showing good numbers. I just feel God has a plan for is just not time to grow daisies on my head yet!!  :-)

As we drove back from St. Louis and I had a pity party for myself about all the way home....when we got out of the car, I looked up at the sky. There were as many stars in the sky compared to how much interest Mitt Romney makes in off shore accounts......ahhh ahhhh ahhh!!! and I just stood there in amazement at all the stars. I thanked God for letting me just stand there and enjoy the beauty of them.

As we have Thanksgiving coming upon us, I think we all need to give thanks for things/people maybe not as well off as us...maybe buy a turkey for a needy family should be on your list for the store..... we take so much  for granted.  I think it is easy to take God for granted if you are not careful. He is ALWAYS there but giving thanks is SO important.

May you all be blessed this Thanksgiving!!



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  1. I imagine you will go through several periods of ups and downs Patty and Amy is right; the Great Physician will be with you through it all. The news about your kidneys and liver are great!
    I'm glad your cards did so well! I've heard great things about them.
    Enjoy your family and be especially this Thanksgiving.
    Love to you and yours. May God bless you even more abundantly than he has.