Thursday, November 8, 2012

Crazy busy right now

We have been selling bundles of cards faster than we can make them....YEAH!  We will be at The Holiday (this weekend) if anyone is interested in taking a look at them or purchasing them. Remember all funds go to The American Cancer Society and The Cholangiocarcinoma Foundation. We are selling them to support our Suntone Beach Survivors Walk & Roll team.
I started painting after I had my stroke and just kinda played with it. Then I got the idea to paint holiday note cards to use as a fundraiser for our team. They are by no way perfect and I have NOT taken any painting classes. I believe God just put a paint brush in my hand and whatever my hand draws is what I paint...we will try and see if they will sell. He knew I didn't have time before the stroke!! It gives me a certain "Zen" when I paint... a calmness I have never had before. I was always too busy going 110 miles an hour. Boy has that changed!!
I had chemo Monday and my white count was down some...due to a bug the previous weekend probably. I asked my doctor if I was going to die next year and he told me I wasn't going to die....I informed him I was told differently. He just says it's not happening for along time.....I have faith that he knows what he is talking about. I just feel a calmness when I think about dying....I am not going to worry over it....then I would be losing precious time I could be spending with family and thanking God for each and every day he gives me on this earth!!
My chemo makes me stay up ALL night on Monday on Tuesday of this week, I worked the election with no sleep. I slept half way okay on Tuesday evening/night but have worked the rest of the week so far at ERBA.
I make my trip to St. Louis Monday although my doctor in Effingham says my chemo has me so stable right now that he hates me to do the clinical trial now. The doctor in Houston also agrees it is too soon for me to start the trial. I guess that is a good thing.
I feel good....people say I look good (negotiable)....and I just feel like I am being led by a higher power on a daily basis. Again, I feel like faith is leading the way! AMEN!!
May you all have a blessed weekend and enjoy each minute of the day!!



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  1. You DO look good; if fact, more than good. You ARE beautiful inside AND out. You're radiant! Don't forget that.
    It sounds like your chemo is doing it's job - PTL!
    May it continue to do so and maybe you won't have to worry about the St. Louis stuff.
    I sent you an email about cards - did you get it?
    I was wondering where to pick them up.
    Blessings to you and yours.