Thursday, November 29, 2012

Awaiting More Information

A quick update with the only information we have:

The attending physician and three residents visited Mom this afternoon. They think that the bleeding may be caused by her increased Lovenox dosage which thins her blood. Thinner blood could make the thin linings in her body 'leak' blood a bit. If this is the case (and hopefully it is), it would be the absolute best case scenario.

Mom has not had any scans or scopes, and she probably won't. After missing a Lovenox injection last night and this morning, Mom gave herself one at 4 p.m. today. An Anti-Xa test will be performed at 8 tonight and again 4 hours after tomorrow morning's injection. The attending physician would like Mom to be observed at St. John's for 3 Lovenox injections. If that occurs, she will be in Springfield until tomorrow night or early Saturday morning.

We will know more after Dr. Goswami visits us tonight and the results of Mom's blood & Anti-Xa tests are available tomorrow. We are praying Dr. G. has more insight into what might be causing the bleeding, as he has more knowledge about Mom's blood issues than anyone. Donita visited again this afternoon for awhile. Love her.

Mom feels very well and is in good spirits. We've been walking the halls and even racing each other a bit. :)

Again, thank you for your prayers, and please keep them coming. We will update you tomorrow morning as soon as we have additional information.

Written/Posted by Jenn.

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