Friday, November 30, 2012

Home Bound

Mom's Anti-Xa test from last night came back normal at 0.50. We were under the impression that they would perform two more Anti-Xa tests today before releasing her. Apparently, we misunderstood or the doctors changed their minds. At 8 a.m. today, after missing the window of time for the test, Mom's resident came in. He doesn't  believe that any additional tests are needed. To say that we were frustrated would be an understatement.

Ultimately, the doctors do not know where the blood is coming from or why. They are fairly certain that it's not coming from her lungs or her GI tract. Thus, they have deduced that it's coming from her nasal passages. This is great news, assuming it's accurate. Mom will continue to watch for signs of bleeding, which Donita was nice enough to discuss with her with morning. Dr. Goswami has been unable to stop by, as he's been out of town and busy.

The care that Mom has received at St. John's has been ok. Not, by any means, what she is used to at Prarie Heart Institute, but standard care. If only every doctor would fight for answers like Dr. Goswami does, then Mom would sleep much easier at night. Most of the understanding we have received today has been from Donita Schrey. Thank goodness she's a part of our lives!

Anyway, Mom's being discharged this afternoon. She will continue her Lovenox shots and regular Anti-Xa tests. She will look for signs of bleeding, and, hopefully, notice any bleeding before it becomes serious. She is happy to go home (and to shop at Target before leaving Springfield). We are all happy to sleep in our own beds and eat real food.

Thank you for your prayers! Have a great weekend!

Written/Posted by Jenn.

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